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Why We’re in Love With the Coco All Over Again

We’re madly in love with the coco again. Coconut oil that is. By now you could say it’s a mild obsession. We’re convinced it’s the cure all – for beauty anyway.

You already know it’s great for hair on its own, as a moisturizer, pre-poo, or as a blend-in with our products. Have you experienced its magic for your face? A light coating, over time, minimizes fine lines and smooths out redness or discoloration from blemishes.

It’s divine as a makeup remover for even heavy, waterproof eye makeup.
Massage it into your cuticles to prevent dryness and cracking, giving the appearance of a fresher manicure. Sure, it’s still great as a low smoke point natural cooking oil but I have a feeling that we love it more on our bodies than in our tummies.

Coconut is also an ingredient in our No. 23 Hydrating Moisturizing Cream. It’s a rich, quickly penetrating, curl-enhancing nourishment for dry hair. And it smells good enough to eat. Please don’t. Instead, add it to your regular hair regimen. It’s a great moisturizer and excellent beginning to all curl styling.



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