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What Are You Building in 2017?

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”  Proverb

I have never been a person who believed in waiting on someone else to fulfill my needs. I believe if you want something you should go build it.  I believe if we channel our individual needs to build our community we would be amazed at how many people share similar needs.  We would REALLY be amazed at how many of things we want are the beginning of brilliant business ideas and concepts that will change our world.

I created Urbanbella because I personally had a need. I thought to myself…when can I walk into a store that completely understands and caters to my need hair needs.  Can I shop without the sales team trying to convince me that a product made for a woman with features entirely different from mine can still meet my needs? And this is the story in every. Single. Store. I visit.  I was ready for a new narrative. A new story. So, I created it. I fulfilled my needs and in the process, saw that I was not alone. There were millions of women who wanted the same thing.

I decided to build a brand that employed a staff of women who were diverse. I created a salon with a diverse line of beauty products and natural hair products that were made by and for women of color.  And of course, the space had to be beautiful. I stopped asking why other companies or brands weren’t catering to me, I took on the task of building the business that I needed to serve me.  They don’t need to build something that caters to you. You need to build it.  I need to build it.  Because no one understands what we want better than we do. Period.

I want to encourage you to know more about our history and know more about women like Norma Sklarek and Sarah E. Goode.  Dig deeper into your own ideas and needs. What’s missing in your life? What do you want and need? I am sure we
all need it!! Because I surely could use a brown girl set of bras and panties and I mean in my color of brown girl. Not beige. (Thank you Ade Hassan for creating that).  I certainly need a box of crayons with a variety of brown shades for the beautiful brown babies in my life to color with.  I needed a beauty box with an array of options that cater my skin tone and whatever else I need.

It’s 2017! It’s a year of new energy and new possibilities! I need for y’all to get busy.  Get busy dreaming! Get busy creating! Get busy building!

Ok so your favorite luxury brand didn’t make a product in their line for brown girls. Why are you complaining? I smell an opportunity. An opportunity for you!!! No one knows your needs better than you.  Don’t wait for someone else to include you in their dream, you make your life great on your own.

You’re never too old. It’s never too late (thank you Dorothy Vaughn who became a computer programmer at 50). Learn who we have always been and go forward and create our future. Write your narrative. What page will you add to our history books in 2017? What untold stories of our beautiful past will you uncover? Who is our next Margot Lee Shetterly?

A black woman took her passion for black history and wrote a book about it. That very book is now a top-grossing movie “Hidden Figures”. She has given our community a piece of history that will uplift us all and remind us who we are and what we come from.

I look forward to hearing about you in 2017!!  I look forward to patronizing your successful ventures!



Creator and Founder of Urbanbella Brands

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