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We’re Intrigued by Gucci’s New Campaign

It’s no secret that African Americans are fans of Gucci. The handbags, apparel, accessories and fragrances have long held a level of style and prestige in black communities. Reality show stars, actors and rappers (Gucci Mane is still keeping his name from the label), are all seen rocking the luxury brand online and on TV.

Gucci has taken notice. As a response to criticism that their ads lacked diversity, the high end fashion house has launched Soul Scene, a campaign featuring all black models. It was inspired by black cultural movements and soul music from both England and the United States. Set for release for the pre-fall 2017 season, the photos feature chocolate complexioned women and men with natural hair wearing bright colors, bold prints and accessories featuring the famous interlocking letter Gs. We’re glad that Gucci has gone in this direction, especially since they’ve received free endorsements from the famous black people that have worn their designs for years. What do you think about this new campaign?

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