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We’ll Drink to This!

It’s 2017!  That means all kinds of fun resolutions right? We’re not ashamed to admit we tend to have the same New Years resolutions every year….healthier mind, body and soul…good skin, longer thicker hair…the list goes on. We’re pretty sure your list looks eerily similar to ours.  


The question is how do we go from resolution to reality? We’ve been doing the hard work of digging and researching the latest information, products and trends in the world of beauty, health and fitness and are happy to report that there are some amazing new things on the market that can help you achieve your New Years goals. 


One such category that emerged from the world of health and wellness is the new health tonic trend. We know you’ve seen tons of articles, posts and even social media promos highlighting the hottest health tonics. Many of them are boasting unbelievable results only after one usage. In order to be properly informed so we can deliver the best and most accurate information, we’ve been trying health tonic drinks that are fortified with herbs, vitamins and minerals (think Goji berries, citrus and ginger). These delicious tonics help us beautify our bodies and skin both inside and out. We highly suggest jumping on this wellness bandwagon. Your body, skin and hair will thank you! Along with giving us tons of energy, it has helped us flush out toxins and gave us that coveted beauty glow.  For those DIYs, we highly suggest checking out some highly nutritious and easy to create health tonic recipes.  

We love creating our own pretty potions. A personal homespun favorite of the Urbanbella crew is packed with carrot juice extract, ginger, lemon and apple to taste.  Need to get rid of dark circles? Add some green leafy goodies to it!

For the girls-on-the-go who need to flush out our toxins but don’t have the time to whip up a batch of their own health tonic, we’ve got you covered.  Two of the tonics we’re loving this year is Torii Lab’s Awake Tonic and Dirty Lemon health drinks. These energizing tonics are the perfect accompaniment to your healthy, clean eating diet and will amplify your workout program and self-care regimen.

Curious minds want to know? What’s your go-to “pretty potion”? Do you have a favorite brand or how about a recipe that always does the trick? We’re always on the lookout for amazing new recipes or brands to try!

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