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Warm Weather Braid Care

For most Urbanbellas warm weather means braids for easy styling during vacation and outdoor activity. Follow these easy steps to keep your braids at their freshest.

  1. Cleanse and deep condition hair to prepare for braiding. Try the Urbanbella Cleansing and Conditioning Duo.
  2. Choose good quality human hair. It will be much gentler than synthetic hair and allow for easier care.
  3. Avoid too-tight braids. Sure, you want a long-lasting style but it’s not worth risking the health of your hair and scalp. Too much pulling can lead to follicle damage and traction alopecia.
  4. Cleanse with a diluted clarifying shampoo – follow with a light touch of coconut oil on your scalp. Massage carefully to prevent frizz or unraveling.
  5. If you must use conditioner, apply it lightly only to the ends of your braids.
  6. Sit under a dry or dry naturally. If possible, sit in the sun to accelerate the process.
  7. Many essential oils have both light moisturizing and antibacterial properties. Create your own scalp refreshing spritz between shampoos. Make your own formulation by adding a few drops to the oils to distilled water in a spray bottle:
  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Lemongrass oil

You can also add orange oil for fragrance and coconut oil for moisture – which also has antibacterial qualities. Gently massage to distribute oils and pat into place.

Finally, enjoy easy and elegant styles through the season.

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