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Urbanbella Travel Guide: The End of Summer is almost Here so Let’s Go Glamping!

The days of summer are drawing to a close but there is still time to enjoy these last few weeks of summer travel.  So, grab your bestie, your boo or your family and let’s go glamping!  Yes, glamping, a great way to enjoy camping without roughing it. In other words, glamorous camping.  If this is a new concept for your or you know about glamping but want to know how to partake in the idea then this Urbanbella Guide to Glamping is perfect for you.

glamping-luxury-tent-moab-utah-king-bed-luxury chair-cream-design

What to Expect from Glamping

Forget the days of bug bites, spoiled food, and pop-up tents. With glamping, the work is done for you. This is still a vacation and it should look and feel like it.  Let’s start with the accommodations, this can range anywhere from a luxurious tent to a luxury mobile home (think kitted out Airstream). You can even arrange a helicopter to transport you in and out of your campsite. Glamping is not designed to deprive you of the good life but to combine luxury and mother nature into one.

Where to Go Glamping

The popularity of glamping has risen over the past few year so there are no shortages of wonderful experiences to be had coast to coast and over seas. You can travel as far as you like or keep it close to home.  You will find a wide variety of accommodations available to you including luxury tents, yurts, cabins and bungalows.  When booking your experience your agent will provide direction of what to pack and inform you on what will be made available to during your experience.  You would definitely pack a variety of clothing options for warm and cold weather (evening tend to get chilly all over the world) and of course you will need you Urbanbella hair care products to keep you hair tight.

Have you tried glamping? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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