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Urbanbella Non-Lather Cleanser

In the world of natural hair, a non-lather cleanser has become a staple in every naturalistas hair care regimen. As we’ve grown to find out – conventional cleansers have sulfates that strip hair of its natural oils. For straight haired women – conventional shampoos are a must as they have oil build up which forces them to wash their hair daily. For curly and coily textures, stripping hair of its natural oils is a no-no and leads to dryness, dullness and frizz.


Urbanbella Non-Lather Cleanser is the perfect sulfate-free cleanser for curly and coily girls seeking a deep clean that is also moisturizing. What makes this cleanser a best-seller is the peppermint oil. There’s nothing more gratifying than feeling that delicious tingle on your scalp after washing and rinsing your hair.

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