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Urbanbella Ingredients: How Do We Use Sunflower Oil In the Urbanbella Lab?

Want to learn more about what goes into your hair and beauty products?  We thought so! Since we love educating our customers on anything from how to apply hair products and makeup to how to start a business we decided it would be a good idea to share more insight about how products are made at Urbanbella and explain the ingredients we choose and how we use them.  With our 14 years in the beauty business we can see that you as a consumer you are left in the dark about many aspects of your beauty products and we want to use this forum to answer your different questions and share details you may not know but need to know about your products.  From time to time we will give you a behind the scenes glimpse of what goes into your products here at Urbanbella and what is the purpose of the featured ingredient.

So, let’s start with today’s featured ingredient: Sunflower Oil!  As you know we use it in quite a few Urbanbella Hair Care Products and will use it in our Urbanbella Body Care Collections (Coming Soon!).  sunflower-seeds-sunflower-oil-sunflowersWhen we are making products here at Urbanbella we always look to see how we can really improve the condition and feel of your hair and skin.  One of the ways to improve hair condition is to increase moisture and one of the best ways to increase moisture is the use of quality oils and use plenty of it in our formulas.   Our top priority with your hair here at Urbanbella is to help you make sure your hair is well hydrated. The first reason we use sunflower oil is that it prevents Dry Brittle Hair due to the Oleic Acid which is an Omega 9 acid.  Omega 9 acids prevent hair from being dry and brittle allowing for maximum length.  By adding sunflower oil to many of our products it makes your hair softer and more pliable.  We use a much as we can in each formula because natural hair needs oil to help smooth the cuticle down and help replace the lipids in your hair when hair starts to get thinner on the ends.  We also have a preference for Sunflower Oil because it is pressed from Sunflower Seeds as opposed to nuts which are great for our ladies with nut allergies. All Sunflower Oil is not equal, it can be purchased high in linoleic acid which is great for cooking( and what you find in the grocery store) and high oleic acid which is used for making skin and hair care products.  Sunflower oil naturally has a high amount of Vitamin E too!

Urbanbella-LOC-Method-Kit-Sunflower-Shea-HydrationHow can you get the benefits of Sunflower Oil? Take a look at the Urbanbella No.23 Hydrating Moisturizing Cream and No. Hair Shine Butter for daily moisturizing application and for building your moisture in layers we recommend starting with the Urbanbella Sunflower and Shea Hair Milk.  These products contain high amounts of Sunflower Oil in each.

Tell us what other ingredients you want to know about in the comments below and we are excited and happy to share the details!

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