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Urbanbella Book Review: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

About a year ago I came across a book titled “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and I thought to myself I NEED to read this book.  The summary promised to take tidying and organizing your space to a new level and I was briefly on board.  Let me go ahead and confess that I can be disorganized and I tend to hold on to things I don’t use (see Packrat in the Urban Dictionary).  So when I came across an article on the Goop Blog that covered some the techniques from the book my curiosity was peaked again.   The blog post showed how the clothes folding technique basically left your closet and drawers looking very fancy – think lingerie in a small boutique or celebrity closet.

The book is an easy read and an easy listen if you prefer the hands-free listening pleasure of like I do. The author Marie Kondo offers a different philosophy about owning things and suggest living a more minimalist life.  If you have ever looked around your office, home, car or any space you occupy and desired a more organized life or even considered hiring an organizer then this book will benefit you.  Kondo’s technique, which has been coined the KonMari method, is a bit unconventional in that she advises her readers to thank each item as you find a special place for it in your home or discard it by donating or trashing it.  It may sound a bit corny but I must say that it works! I decided to purchase the book and implement the changes and I must say it has changed my life both personally and professionally.  These were my personal takeaways from this life changing experience.

  1. It’s okay to part with things that were given to you as gifts.  The idea is that you express thanks and gratitude for the person who gave it to you and the time you have had the item, but if it no longer sparks joy when you touch it or use it then it’s okay to part with it and let it bless someone else.
  2. By clearing your space of items that no longer spark joy you can make room for the things that you really love and are more likely to use and take better care of them.  I can attest to the benefit of that.  When I cleared out my underwear drawer I found at least 10 pairs of really pretty underwear that I completely forgot about!  I found the same thing with my shoes and clothes.  Items that needed to be mended became a higher priority since there was less clutter and less to look at. I realize that by storing my things beautifully I love them more. I am excited to use them and when I am shopping I have become careful about my choices. Making room for the things that spark joy in my life feels like a shopping spree without spending any money.
  3. The start of each day is very smooth.  I know where everything is and it gives me mental clarity on a level I never knew I could have.  I am never scrambling around looking for things and if something is out of place I know it long before I need it!  My bags are no longer cluttered with receipts and too many chapsticks!
  4. Laundry no longer piles up.  I wash and fold clothes immediately because everything has a home.  I used to dread peaking in the laundry room at the baskets of clean clothes because I hated folding them and finding space in the over stuffed drawers.  With the purging activity of the KonMari process, I was able to make room for everything and overflowing baskets of clean clothes are a thing of the past.
  5. My home is truly my sanctuary.  I have always loved our home but of course, I love my Pinterest homes even better. (yes, that’s a joke, sort of…)  By starting with a vision of what I want (thanks to Pinterest) I was able to set up my home the way I truly wanted with everything nice and neat.  Now it’s always tidy and when it’s not it only takes a second to put it back together.

So if you are looking for a way to push past your own personal clutter and find your way to a well-organized life then definitely pick-up a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  It will change your life!

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