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Have You Tried A Beauty Sheet Masks? We did and Here is What Happened!

It’s a fun time to be a girl! We have so many pieces of beauty candy available to us we don’t know where to start.  Here at Urbanbella, we love trying out new beauty potions and discovering new goodies including beauty sheet masks.

It’s not only a great perk of being in the beauty business it’s an even better honor to get to share these experiences with you!  So this week, we want to share the beauty sheet masks we have tried and love.  For those who may be new to the world of beauty sheets let’s start with a quick overview.

K-Beauty (Korean Beauty)  has been the rage for the past few years with women all over.  By now you may have heard of BB Creams, we can thank K-Beauty for that lovely potion. If you are looking for an easy way to pamper yourself at home beauty sheets are a nice and easy answer with great results.  Each mask is a thin sheet of paper or cloth with cutouts for your eyes and mouth that is saturated in a skin beautifying potion.  The cloth or paper mask encourages maximum penetration of the beauty solution that can target one of any skin concern from minimizing pores, deep cleansing, hydrating etc… If you are the type that likes to try out new and different beauty routines, sheets are great because they are one-time use only and disposable.  And good news, they are pretty inexpensive ranging from $2 – $15 per sheet.  Sheets don’t dry out like clay masks and give immediate results.  Face masks are the perfect add to your beauty routine and enhance it, so you would want to continue to use all of the other components of your skincare routine such as toners, sunscreen and moisturizers.  So the crew here at Urbanbella tried a few masks and we actually got addicted to them.  Our results ranged from “it just made me feel good” to “my skin was smoother or brighter”.

Some of our favorite mask we tried were the Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask and the Sephora Hydrating Mask and Sephora Skin Brightening Masks.

To start with the Boscia Hydrogel Mask, this one was our favorite (and the most expensive).  The texture of this mask feels like a thin layer of jelly. It works best when you have about 20 minutes to lie down and relax.  It’s cool and soothing.  Although we did not notice smaller pores we did find our skin looked smoother and clearer.  A beautiful complexion is always nice and that worked for us!

We also tried two masks from Sephora including the Lotus Flower Hydrating and Soothing Mask and the Pearl Perfecting and Brightening Mask. We like both of these and found that they deliver what they promise. The Pearl Mask left a bright finish to our skin making us look refreshed. Because you don’t have to rinse off the mask benefits we did this one in the morning and decided to skip makeup  The Hydrating Mask was great too and really left our skin feeling softer and more moisturised.

Try a few sheet masks yourself and tell us how the results go for you! If nothing else you will enjoy the 20 minutes of at home spa treatment and self-indulgence.  We certainly did!

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