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Top Tips to Retain Moisture and Get Length

We think it’s safe to say that moisture retention and growth are the most important hair goals for naturals.  Choosing the right products and handling with care are key.  No one wants to succumb to dryness or breakage – stress, health and hectic schedules are usually the culprits. Keeping these easy tips will make your hair better through any situation life throws your way.

  1. Avoid sulfates. Sulfate shampoos are known to strip hair of its essential oils. While sulfates are safe, they may be irritating and will likely shorten the life of new color. Try a non-lathering shampoo instead.
  2. Condition. A lot. If you’re not removing large amounts of styling product, co-wash. It will not only preserve color but it will prevent over drying and make detangling a lot easier. Also remember the L.O.C. method.
  3. Use a detangler as you gently and carefully comb freshly washed hair. Use a well-spaced wide-tooth comb and separate your hair in sections. Your objective is to see as little hair in the comb as possible.
  4. Dry with an old t-shirt. Always. This will not only help you avoid dryness and frizz caused from towel lint, it will make moisturizing and styling products cling to your hair better since they won’t be absorbed.
  5. Handle with care. Loosely arrange hair during the day and at bedtime. Avoid tight elastic in ponytail holders or bonnets, gently secure updos with pins, clips or hair chopsticks. If you have time, place hair in protective twists to hold the style and make it fresh and easy the next day.

Making time for the essentials will ensure that your follicles with reward you with reduced breakage and healthier hair, ripe for growth.

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