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Top Summer Festivals

Summer season is festival season. From music to hair to art, there are tons of amazing festivals across the country that bring together being outdoors with lots of great music, food and fun. Here’sour list of the three top festivals to check out this summer!



Essence Festival – New Orleans – June 29th – July 2nd 2017

If you’re seeking great food, fabulous music and female empowerment – the Essence Festival is where you want to be. This annual gathering of the top urban acts with thousands of African American women, men and families makes this a trip that works no matter your status. Hurry and get your tickets now and try and locate a room as many book this event a year in advance.

Curl Festival – Brooklyn – July 15th 2017

If you’re a naturalista, thinking about going natural or just love natural hair – you need to make a trip to Brooklyn for this curly girl festival. All things curly hair related can be found here. From vendors handing out samples and selling their natural hair concoctions to guest speakers discussing the top trends and methods to maintaining healthy hair – there’s nothing but love in the air at this curly girl retreat.

Afro Punk – New York – August 26 – 27th 

If you live life on the edge and prefer the avant garde, AfroPunk is a festival where you’ll feel right at home. From the fashion to the musical acts, this event is where bohemians and outliers come to show off their creativity and enjoy alternative music.


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