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Spring Cleaning with Green Products

One of our favorite things to do is to spring clean! We love to get rid of the old and spruce up with the new. We enjoy de-cluttering our closets, throwing away old spices and herbs and shredding old documents and papers. It’s therapeutic to clean out your home and to start a new season with a fresh new take on life.

Even though we grew up in the area of Lemon Pledge, Clorox Bleach and Pine Sol, we have come to realize that using this highly toxic, chemical-laden products can contribute to all sorts of illnesses, infections and diseases over a period of time.

Fortunately, there are lots of green alternatives that have popped up on the market that are effectively clean and sanitize without exposing you to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins. One of our favorite brands is Mrs. Meyers. They have every product you can possibly imagine for household cleaning including; kitchen, bath and even glass cleaner.

Swap out your favorite conventional house hold cleaning supplies for the green alternatives. This simple switch could lead to less issues down the road and a house that’s clean with the power of green.


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