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As we head into the final month of winter, we know many of you are ready to start bearing your favorite sundresses and flirty skirts. Getting your legs and underarms ready for a little exposure means utilizing a good shaving routine. We’ve got the steps you need to get silky smooth in time for spring.

Step 1: Exfoliation is your friend. Be sure to exfoliate your legs and underarms with a dry brush. You can find these bath brushes at your local beauty supply or drugstore. Dry brushing consists of removing dead skin cells with the use of your brush before you hop in the shower or bath. You will want to rub the brush in circular motions up and down the entire leg including the thighs as well as over your underarm area.

Step 2: Throw away razors after three uses. You don’t want to shave with a dull blade or you won’t get the silky smooth results that you desire.

Step 3: You want to do all of your other showering or bathing steps first and leave shaving for last as this allows the warm water of the shower or bath open up your pores before shaving so the hair follicle can loosen up and be removed with ease.

Step 4: Shave downward or with the grain of the hair. This ensures you are removing the hair closest to the root without irritating your skin. After shaving downwards, you can come back and shave upwards for a final clean up.

Step 5: Use an organic or natural shave cream. We love Whish Beauty Shave Cream. It’s organic, all-natural and doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates or petrochemicals. It also comes in a variety of scents that we can’t get enough of! Did someone say Blue Agave?

Step 6: Dry off with a clean towel and apply your favorite moisturizer or body butter immediately after showering or bathing as this will help soften freshly waxed skin and keep it from being chapped and dry.

Now that you have the inside scoop on how to get the perfect silky smooth shave, there will be no reason why you’re not flaunting your legs and baring your arms this spring!

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