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Seven Steps to Weekly Self Care

Everyday life provides stressors – from finances to work, childcare, education, relationships and household management.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed. When it comes to maintaining balance, you should not come last.  Self-care is an imperative. To paraphrase the great scholar and author, Audre Lorde, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence.”

We also know the airplane metaphor. Every time you fly, the flight attendants tell you: in the case of an emergency, you must place your oxygen mask on first before you can help anyone else. The same thing applies in everyday life. Giving your complete living, breathing, thriving self often means putting yourself first. This is not only okay, it’s necessary. Your desire to attain your own wellness will inspire others – likely the people you see daily – to follow suit and give you space. Spreading yourself too thin helps no one. It not only causes you to compromise your time, energy and sometimes your principles, but it enables energy thieves. We all have them. The friend who won’t stop gossiping, the sister who needs you to fix her finances, the spouse who never lifts a finger around the house and the kids who always make a mess.

Sure, we still care about them but you have to care about you. Engaging in real, uncompromising, demonstrative self-care sends a message to everyone – if they love you, they must let you be. You must be free to remove yourself from environments that threaten your wellness. You cannot always leave your job or relocate to a nicer neighborhood, home or city but you must allow time and space for you always.

Here are seven self-care ideas you can do week after week. And we recommend each and every one. Especially No.7.

  1. Meditate. Pick a mantra, scripture, or calming, centering thought. Go to a quiet room with soft music, candles and a comfortable space. And breathe…
  2. Listen to a positive message. Exchange your daily radio station for a podcast that gives you a positive and uplifting boost.  Need some guidance on where to start? Here is one of Keneesha’s morning commute favorites: Reprogramming Your Mind for Positive Thinking.
  3. Keep an uplift page of self-care affirmations. Compile letters, emails, greeting cards or other messages from everyone – children, spouse, significant other, co-workers, managers, friends, family and others that contain kind words meant specifically for you. How you choose to organize this is solely up to you. Make a collage. Scan them to a file in your computer, arrange them on a message board. Whatever makes you happy.
  4. Make a vision board. There is nothing like the power of visualization to make sure to get where you’re going in life. Get a corkboard and clip out images of your favorite people, places and things. Think of what represents your present life and the life of your dreams. Don’t just focus on material items. Add images to reflect your goals and dreams for career, family and lifestyle.
  5. Detox. Most detoxes recommend the elimination of a foods like carbs, sugar and dairy.  The kind of detox you do is entirely up to you.  After a detox, you should feel refreshed and energized.  Try doing a green detox that consists of a plant-based diet.  Here is a great guide to get you started.
  6. Unplug and rest. Turn your phone off. Log out of your social media accounts. Delete negative people – online and off. Tune out of programming on TV or elsewhere that doesn’t lift your spirit. And while you’re at it get some much needed rest. Sleep is everything and most of us don’t get enough. You should aim for six to eight hours every night. Keep your TV and mobile devices away from your bed. Make your place of rest comfortable in every way possible. Drink chamomile tea. Play ambient music. Remain still until you find yourself drifting into a comfortable slumber.
  7. Buy more helping hands.   There is no better time in life to save time like right now.  Use home maintenance services help with housekeeping,  like laundry drop-off, grocery delivery and more. Build a trusted team to reduce you work on your personal plate, so you can take more time for yourself.

There are so many ways to begin taking better care of ourselves. Share your comments on how you make self care part of your daily life.

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