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The Return of Sexy Sleepware

So, a few weeks ago we were having a conversation here at Urbanbella Salon. We were having typical Saturday afternoon conversation: travel, politics, fashion and Idris Elba…you know the important stuff.  The subject of “looking good for your lover” came up and what each of us wears to bed at night.  I, Keneesha, got a lesson on how most clients sleep in a t-shirt and shorts while I have been wearing a negligee every-night for 17  years of marriage.  Let me tell you now that everyone was trying to convince I was some kind of freak of nature for putting in that kind of effort every-night, but truthfully, there is no effort involved.  I just think of it as putting on bed clothes and I personally choose to sleep in the soft satin feminine comfort of a negligee. Some of my collection is even cotton but they are very pretty and very special and always have some lace.

After a nice long discussion (including many jokes) and an informal poll of the ladies in the salon, it was obvious I was definitely out numbered by ladies wearing shorts and t-shirt to bed.  But I was able to persuade the ladies to dig out those pretty unused nightgowns in the bottom drawer and wear them bed whether single or in a relationship.  I don’t recommend doing it just for a lover but doing it mostly for yourself.  I always feel so special and fancy when I get a new night gown and even more special when I put them on.

So I am on a crusade! I say we bring back the sexy night gown every night!  If you want to go all out buy a pair of those fancy feathery high-heel night shoes to match! Just please don’t go to bed dressed like you are about to do yard work or play for the WNBA! Now don’t get me wrong…I understand what the ladies are saying. A cotton t-shirt and shorts is relaxing and comfortable. I am all for your wearing that around the house after work BEFORE getting into bed but not IN the bed.  I promise there are a lot of comfortable and sexy options out there for us ladies.  Let’s try them and please tell us what you find!

We would love to hear your suggestions for making yourself feel special at bedtime.

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