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Pure Joy at Pure Barre

Pure Joy at Pure Barre

If you’re seeking a new workout that mixes elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and functional training, and the moves are choreographed to motivating music, you will love barre class. What’s unique about this workout is that you’re training your smaller muscle groups without adding bulk or size. The heaviest weight in a barre class is 8 pounds and trust us, that 8 pounds feels like 20 with these challenging movements and techniques.

In addition to hand weights, there is the barre itself that you use for various tightening and toning sets. Think ballet training meets  boot camp. It’s very effective at lifting your rear, whittling away the tummy and reducing those stubborn inner thighs. The key to this class is the frequency that you train. Once a week won’t give you the results you seek. It’s recommended that you complete at least 3, 55 minute training sessions a week to see and feel a difference. It’s a great partner to traditional workouts too so don’t feel you have to ditch your usual gym routine in order to do barre.

Our favorite barre class has to be Pure Barre. These barre studios are clean, well-organized and have locations across the country. Find a studio near you and try your first class for free. This is one barre you can frequent weekly and get the body of your dreams!

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