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Pore it Up

One of the most persisting beauty myths is that you can shrink your pores.  Wider pores seem to loom large on the oilier areas of your face like the T-zone. Oilier skin seems to make them even more obvious.

You may have heard ice water or a raw egg mask would work to make them less visible. Unfortunately these home remedies do little more than make you cold and sticky. Pore size is genetic. You can minimize their presence by though a little tightening, toning and makeup magic.

Exfoliating is everything.  After using a mild, oil-free cleanser, follow with Aveda’s Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant. It is a non-abrasive liquid similar to a toner that helps gently slough off dead cells and give the appearance of smaller pores. Prevent dryness by using a light moisturizer like Clean and Clear’s Dual Action Moisturizer.

Before you apply makeup, try Benefits PoreFessional. This light primer looks like a light cream but blends into a soft powder, quickly minimizing pores for a flawless makeup finish. Smooth on your favorite foundation or BB cream for a smooth look.  If your skin is oily, gently dab with blotting sheets as you enjoy a look as close to flawless as possible. Tell ‘em you woke up like that – they’ll never know.

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