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Natural Hair Love: Do You Still Need Convincing?

For the better part of the last decade, natural hair has been everywhere. From obvious places like black hair magazines, blogs and vlogs – to the more eye-opening red carpet and the White House. Celebrities are celebrating their textures. And Solange even wrote a natural hair love song.  Fros twists, and locs have fully eclipsed relaxed looks just about everywhere.  It’s called creamy crack for a reason. For some, the straighter looks are addictive, while the chemicals are highly toxic, if not completely caustic. Remember it’s the lye is the same stuff that unclogs your drain.

And it’s more than just product sales.

The Philadelphia Sun reports:

“The stories from the women, who have made the switch from relaxers and weaves to natural styles, convey what the studies can’t. There are those who have embraced natural hair, in part due to the health effects of chemical products, but also because of a resurgence in black pride. Today, they have a community to turn to. And many women, who are growing out their hair naturally, encourage their children to adopt the hairstyle.”

Today, there are children and teens who will never know searing burn of a perm or the dry tenderness of a freshly scabbed scalp – their parents ain’t havin’ it. Moms and dads everywhere want their kids to know that good hair is the stuff they were born with. So why aren’t some people feeling the love?

A Teen Vogue essay from a young lady struggling to love her hair offers some answers.

“I naively hoped that the sole act of wearing my hair natural would retract every negative thought I ever had about my hair, every snide comment from a hair dresser or stranger, and every “tsk tsk” my mother made when combing my hair as a child. I’ve been natural for seven years now, and there are still times when I let bad hair days turn into bad days period, and when I can’t shake off perceived negative comments about my hair from others.”

We all have bad hair days. Sometimes our curls don’t pop, the twist-out looks uneven, the products don’t work like we’d hoped and shrinkage happens to everyone. Yes, everyone.  There are easy fixes for it. The most important thing is to never allow anyone to make you feel bad about what nature has given you. Here are a few tips.

  1. Stop negativity in its tracks. The minute someone makes an unkind comment about your texture remind them that it’s bigger than just hair. It’s about freedom. There are people who still face discrimination, so we can’t afford to have deal with hostility coming from our own.
  2. Reach out. Someone somewhere has the same hair issues that you have. Drop them a line, online or off. You are bound to find someone that can give you some sage advice to help you achieve the style, growth or moisture retention you’re aiming for.
  3. Celebrate you. Keep photos of your best hair days in your phone. Post them on social media if you like, but privately delight in your favorite looks. If you don’t want to post them for your Instagram followers, share them with someone who loves and appreciates you no matter what you’re rocking on the outside.

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