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A Natural Hair Look Book…Trends in Natural Hair

Once you have found your way as a natural hair beauty life can seem easy. You have your favorite products, tools and a “go-to” stylist.  Now it’s time to ask yourself “what else can I do with my hair?” Urbanbella has laid out a few options for you to consider! Take a peek at the looks above and the top 3 Trends going on right now with natural hair!

  1. Wearing your natural grey.   Yes, the days of hiding your grey are definitely a thing of the past as more women are embracing salt and pepper hues. Even if your grey does not grow in perfectly you can adjust your look by having more grey streaks added to give the effect you want. What we love is how gray hair is losing its negative stigma and many women are choosing to only wear color if they like it.  Coloring your hair is no longer an indication that we are ashamed of grey hair.
  2. Going Short and Sweet.   Why? Because once you have been natural for a spell, the days of length checks become a thing of past as more women embrace the beauty and natural features of textured hair. One of which is finding their own style that works for their facial features and lifestyle. At Urbanbella Salon we are finding that many women are opting for shorter cropped curls.  They love the ease and speed of styling and of course the millions of compliments on their hair. By focusing less on growing long hair, they are focusing on finding products and a hair cut that emphasizes the beauty of their natural curls.
  3. Embracing Shrinkage.   At Urbanbella Salon we are seeing more and more natural ladies focus on the health of their hair and texture and embracing the fact that our full and beautiful curls do shrink. More women are opting for styles and styling products that enhance the benefits of shrinkage and cuts that work with their lifestyle and other natural hair characteristics.

The beauty of going natural is we all have our own unique journey to understanding and enhancing our own unique features. What natural hair styles and trends are you most excited about?  Please share with our fellow blog readers below!

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