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Mane Event: Would You Use A Dry Shampoo?


In theory, dry shampoo seems like a good idea.  A quick massage of a light, fresh-smelling powder into your scalp sounds like the ultimate wash and go. Unfortunately, most formulas are created to remove excess oil out of finer, straighter textured hair.

Anyone with 3C hair and beyond knows that moisture is your friend. Water, whether you’re fully drenching your tresses or spritzing from a spray bottle, activates curl products to start a new style or refresh an existing one.  You may just be better off with a quick co-wash and leave-in, allowing damp hair to dry on the move. This works especially well for the hot summer days to come.

One naturalista wrote a funny review about her dry shampoo experience here. Let us know what you think about the whole concept.


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