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How to Make Your Closet a Special Place No Matter The Size

There is nothing like having a small private sanctuary to call your own.  A nice space that brings you joy every time you see it and for many of us this can be our closet, bedroom, bathroom or even a corner in our living room.  Today we are going to tackle how to make your closet a special place for you, but these tips can be applied to any space in your home!

  1. Keep a small vase of fresh flowers. Flowers not only make us feel happy but they trigger our brains to think that something is special or that we should be excited.  Walking into your special place and seeing a small bouquet of roses or gerbera daisies is bound to help you start and end your day with beauty and it will keep you feeling special in your space.
  2. Install a pretty light fixture.  So obviously at Urbanbella, we love pretty lighting as we use chandeliers everywhere we can.  It invokes a  feminine vibe, makes our space pretty and that’s what we want you to feel when you visit our salon.  What feeling do you want to feel when you look at the lighting in your closet or special place? Modern? Sophisticated?  Well, stop by your nearest home decorating boutique to pick up something special for your sanctuary.
  3. Paint it to give it true personality.   The color of the room will impact your over all mood.  Check out this great article from HGTV on color psychology and how to choose colors for your room to invoke a certain feeling or mood inyour special place.
  4. Organize your space for true tranquility(see the KonMari Method).  Clearing clutter is a must do for a place to be special.  By doing the KonMari method you will allow yourself more room in your special place for the things really matter to you. Not to mention that when everything has a home we feel a great sense of inner peace.
  5. Add some music or a television to liven the space up perfectly when you need it.  Simply pop-up your iPad or laptop and stream the latest episode of Orange is the New Black or play your favorite jazz station on your iPhone.
  6. It’s your sacred space so spend some sacred time in it.  This is a place of refuge. It’s okay to tell the kids it’s off limits and go in there with a book or music and a cup of tea to relax.  Even if you just spend 15 minutes there a day, spend it alone and in peaceful solitude.


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