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Let’s Stop Buying Cheap Hair Products that Don’t Work on Natural Hair

Don’t you hate collecting junk? And wasting money? Me too!  So let me help you stop buying hair products that don’t work and piling up junk in your bathroom!

If you are like me everytime you walk into your local Target or drugstore its like walking into a candy store.  With all of the pretty product colors and yummy smells! You can’t help but buy something.  The stuff is grown-up girl candy! You could practically eat the products! How can you resist? I can’t!

But then you start to look around your bathroom and you feel you have accumulated a bunch of junk. Bottles and bottles of products that you bought and tried one time but did not work. They either leave your hair still feeling dry or your hair looks like a bushy afro by lunchtime.

Where does that leave you?  Still with natural hair that does not hold a Wash-and-Go past lunchtime or hair that you know you moisturized but by the next day it back to dry and brittle.  The reason is the product has way too much water in it.  The goal of most companies is to get you excited with the name and list of ingredients but mostly fill the jar with water, which does not give you good results.

Want to know how to avoid this?  Let me share my trick for determining if a natural hair product is just a lot of water and none of the good stuff.  

The Product Test

It’s simple really.  Just rub the product between your thumb and forefinger.  Does it feel soft and emollient? Does it have a bit of thickness (viscosity)  to it or is it thin? Test it the same way you would test hand lotion in the store.  If you feel it has good lubrication and gives softness to your skin then it will probably be good for your hair.   If it leaves your fingers feeling dry or waxy then that is how your hair will feel and it most likely made mostly of water and wax.  These two ingredients alone are not enough to give you beautiful natural hairstyles.

Don’t get me wrong now. You need water in your products and in your hair but at the right amount.  You need enough water to hydrate but you also need enough oil and humectants to really moisturize your hair and enough gel to hold your styles.

Products that are very watery dry out before your curls have a chance to set. This leaves you with frizz by lunchtime.

Your natural hairstyle is supposed to last for 5-7 days. And by natural hairstyle, I mean a wash-and-go without you having to retwist it or anything else.

If you are washing your hair on Sunday the curl definition, or at least 75%,  of it should still be there on the next Sunday when it’s time to wash again. This saves you time and money.

If this is not happening for you then I will just be honest it’s for one of two reasons:

  1. You are using a cheap gel that does not have any real curl defining goodies in it
  2. You are using a cheap styling product that does not have any long-lasting hold.

And to be clear. Long-lasting hold does not mean dry and brittle hair.  You can have styles that last on Type 4C natural hair that feel soft and manageable.

And you can’t fall for the hype!  You have to know what to look for and I promise you the ingredient list doesn’t mean anything either. A company can list that a product contains 5 or 7 oils and extracts that you love and it may only actually have a drop of each.

But to make sure you don’t get duped into buying cheap watery products touch and feel it first.  If it feels watery, it does NOT feel slippery or moisturizing past a few rubs between your fingers then leave it on the shelf.  Chances are it won’t do much for your hair either.

This is why we use a high level of oils in our moisturizers and are gels are very concentrated.  The first way we achieve this is by keeping water to the bare minimum. Our aim with every product is simple.  Can we deliver results? Meaning…moisture that lasts for days, products that hold and give you shine for longer than a week.

We know that they last because we use them in our salon.  If we wash your hair on Thursday, the next Thursday when we see you it still looks good. In fact, it looks the same.  

So don’t tolerate companies making and selling you junk.  Who has time for that? Our clients don’t! And I know you would never accept cheap products.  So those who are new to the Urbanbella way. We welcome you to the land of quality products and quality hair.  It’s time that everyone knows the difference.

Need to know more and see more?  Check out these tutorials on our website and feel free to contact us at or give us a call at  404-255-5022.  We are here! Making quality products for your hair every day.


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