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Learn How Real Women Practice Self-Care

Self-care is something we’ve been hearing a lot these days. From podcasts, to articles, to social media, it’s almost as if women across the world have collectively discovered that: it’s okay to take care of yourself. We’ve even spent a lot of time talking about what self-care looks like, how to make time for yourself, and ways to incorporate more self-care in your life. But even though self-care has been making waves as of late, taking time for yourself and making YOU a priority is nothing new.

But, trendy or not, there’s real truth in the power of taking care of yourself. In practicing self-care and making time to do the things you love to do. And while you add all the articles, blog posts, and bits of advice to your list on how exactly to do that, remember that practicing self-care will always be a personal process. Self-care will look different for every woman. Your version may look different from those closest to you and it may change through the different the different phases of your own life. So while the lists will always catch our attention, we wanted to share how a few real women practice self-care in their daily lives. 


A Mother, Corporate Diva, & Wife | When you’re wearing many hats, it’s far too easy to lose the yourself in the midst of all the titles. Something Braydi, a mother of 5 and executive at a top food company in the world, know all too well. For her, self-care lies in the precious moments she’s able to slow down and take some time away from the kids–encouraged by her husband. “Once a week, usually a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, I get a pedicure or shop. I grab lunch, dinner, or even a movie with a girlfriend.” Taking this time each week is essential for this busy mama to reset and reconnect. “When I return home, I feel better and less stressed.”

Takeaway: Many of us think about self-care as these secluded moments where we have to do something indulgent but often, it’s as simple as catching up with a few girlfriends so you reconnect with the woman before all the titles.

real self-careA Teacher, Mentor & Side Hustler | No matter where you are in life, women aren’t afraid to take on many roles to get things done. For Nicole, a special education teacher Monday – Friday and weekend side hustler, getting things done means showing up, being patient, and setting examples. And falling into the cycle where she’s doing those things for everyone but herself is unavoidable if she’s not being intentional about self-care. “Most days, I’m being pulled in many directions so I have to start off my day by taking time to write, read, and practice being still. That is non-negotiable for me.”

Takeaway: Self-care doesn’t have to look elaborate and it doesn’t always have to take up a great deal of your time. Self-care can be found in the small pockets of time throughout your day where you focus on taking time to just be.

A Nurse, Student & Single Mother | When every waking hour of your day is spent on tending to the needs of others, not taking the time to truly take care of yourself is not an option. Something Tayla, mother of two boys, LPN by day and 2nd year RN student by night has come to face to face with in her work and personal life. Making time for self-care is anything but easy and looks quite literal for her. “Self-care is going the gym. It’s taking a few hours of the week (without kids or being on-call as a nurse) to work out and stay fit.” The gym is a mini getaway where she can clear her mind, get a good exercise in, and get energized for the day ahead.

Takeaway: Sometimes self-care is more literal than we expect. Sure the baths and pedicures are nice but for many of us, self-care is about taking care of yourself so your best self can show up for the ones you love.

Real Self-careA Property Manager & Business Consultant | Not of all us are sneaking away from the husband and kids to practice self-care. For Nadine, a property manager climbing the corporate ladder, she works hard daily and has made her career the focus over the past decade. Self-care for her looks like a healthy dose of “treat yo’self” for hustling everyday. “I work really hard and retail therapy is my ultimate form of self-care. There is nothing like heading out for an afternoon of new shoes and handbags to rejuvenate me and get me focused back on doing the work.”

Takeaway: Even if you’re not balancing a million and one things, that doesn’t mean that self-care isn’t important. Each and every one of us must master the art of taking care of ourselves and doing what needs to be done to keep us happy, healthy, and whole.

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