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Inside the Urbanbella Products: No.7 The Non Lather Cleanser

The growth of the natural hair movement has no doubt been a wonderful thing to be a part of. Seeing so many women make the decision to embrace their natural hair, the arrival of natural hair gurus helping their fellow naturalistas on this journey, and the rise of natural hair salons has been nothing short of inspiring and empowering. However, with this explosion came a wave of natural hair brands pushing this product and that product promising to transform your natural hair and help you achieve the hair goals of your dreams. Now, more choices is good but, as you can imagine it can also be harder to tell what’s what.

One of our goals here at Urbanbella is to really provide real information and education for your natural hair. We focus on what works, what doesn’t, and subsequently how products work with your hair. And the best way to do that is to start with ours. We’re taking you inside each and every one of the Urbanbella products sharing with you why we created it, how it works, the key ingredients, and even a few tips so you can get the best results from using them. To start, we’re discussing the product to be used at first step of your hair process: Cleansing.

Why We Created the Urbanbella No.7 Non-Lather Cleanser

Non Lather CleanserWe’ve talked about it before and we’ll say it again: the biggest problem that women with natural hair deal with is a lack of moisture. For better or worse, it is a fact that natural haired women need a great deal of moisture. And the quickest way to strip your hair of the little moisture it has retained and leave it feeling dry is with a lather shampoo. This is why you’ll hear so many naturals sounding weary or fearful about washing their hair because they have been misinformed or are confused about the fact that, it isn’t cleansing or water that’s drying out your hair, it’s lather shampoo.

Using a lot of lather shampoos can leave your hair feeling extremely dry, matted, and with that squeaky clean feeling that none of us like. This is because most lathers are simply too strong for your delicate natural hair strands. Think of your hair as a fine sweater. One that is very expensive, super delicate, and takes a year or two to make. That’s exactly how precious your hair shaft is. Using a harsh lather shampoo on your sensitive hair is like tossing your expensive cashmere sweater in the wash with discount detergent. It just doesn’t make sense. You want to go above and beyond to take care of your natural hair and that starts with using a non-lather shampoo to cleanse.

We created the No.7 Non-Lather Cleanser because we intimately realize that what you use on your hair shaft determines how hard it will be to achieve the moisture balance that natural hair needs. If you start with a good product that helps to cleanse your scalp and build moisture from the start, you won’t have to go through the repair process we find so many natural women dealing with.

Inside Urbanbella No.7 The Non Lather Cleanser

When we set off to create the Urbanbella Non-Lather cleanser there were two things that we knew were of utmost importance. One, in order to grow healthy, strong, beautiful natural hair, you need a clean scalp. And two, protecting the hair strand is essential. It was important to us, to develop a cleanser that could do both. This is why we spent additional time creating a non-lather cleanser instead of the popular co-wash. A co-wash will, in fact, protect the hair strand, however, conditioners simply aren’t able to cleanse. Taking the extra step to add the cleansing component to the non-lather cleanser is how we are able to create a product that meets both of our top concerns.

So let’s dig deeper into those two aspects to really get to know the No.7 Non Lather Cleanser. We’ll start with cleansing the scalp. The first issue that the Urbanbella No.7 Non-Lather Cleanser addresses is deep cleaning the hair follicle. The focus is truly on getting all of that product buildup out of the follicle and opening it up so that hair is able grow. When hair follicles are clogged with gel, oil, excess sebum, and other products, you are hindering your hair growth. This is another reason why co-washing simply won’t do. It isn’t able to clear that build-up allowing new hair growth to occur. Another thing that our Non Lather Cleanser works to do while cleansing is balancing the ecosystem of the scalp. Once all product, sebum, and bacteria is removed without drying or stripping the hair, the scalp becomes balanced on a moisture level. This balance maximizes the opportunity for thick, healthy, hair growth.

Next, the No.7 Non Lather Cleanser works to protect and preserve the integrity of the hair shaft. Remember our reference to how you would treat an expensive sweater? The Non Lather Cleanser is that protection that delicate natural hair needs. We pay careful attention to every detail including the pH balance, ensuring that your remains nice and soft, and that the hair cuticle doesn’t stay open, leaving it vulnerable to damage.

The Ingredients that Make this Cleanser So Good

Peppermint oilWe can talk about the benefits of our non lather cleanser all day long but the proof is really in our ingredients. We use an abundance of peppermint oil and menthol to give your scalp a real deep clean. Peppermint oil is antimicrobial giving it the ability to remove bacteria and inhibit new bacteria from growing. It also works to balance your scalp, not drying it out or stripping your hair of moisture. The menthol inside the Non Lather cleanser works to combat the sebum your scalp produces and further helps your scalp achieve a healthy balance.

There are also four different conditioners inside the No.7 cleanser which help to keep the hair feeling soft. One of the conditioners works to actually remove buildup while the others ensure your doesn’t dry out. And because this is a cleanser, you will find two lather based cleansers inside the shampoo even though they won’t produce lather once applied to your hair. These cleansers work to remove any additional oil or build-up left behind on your scalp. Combined, these ingredients leave your scalp feeling, looking, and smelling clean.

How to Use Your No.7 Non Lather Cleanser

Every good product guide comes with tips on how to get the most out of it. The number one tip we have is that it’s very important that you get to the scalp when your using your No.7 Non Lather Cleanser. If you have thicker hair, don’t hesitate to part your hair and massage it into your skin. We massage No.7 into the scalp for a good five minutes to get the blood flowing, get the scalp clean, and to get all of that buildup out of the hair to let the ingredients do their work. When used right, we’ve been told that the No.7 feels like it’s exfoliating the scalp.

At the end of the day, our goal is to get your hair in the best condition. This is why we focus on a truly good for your hair non lather cleanser like No.7. If you get step one right, you’re setting the foundation to balanced, happy, healthy hair from root to tip.



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