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Hydration & Moisture Challenge
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A Hydration + Moisture Challenge with Urbanbella

At Urbanbella, our commitment to your hair goes beyond what happens when you’re in our salon. While giving you the best treatment while you’re with us is important, we care about what you’re doing to your crown, after you leave our seats. That’s why true education of natural hair, the things it needs, and how it functions is so important to us. Yes, your bi-weekly salon visits are nice, a luxury for some, and a necessity for others, but it’s what you’re doing between those visits or when you aren’t able to visit us regularly that’s important. This concept is one of the reasons we created the Urbanbella challenge. A natural haircare routine that emphasizes hydration and moisture to help you build on what we do here, while you’re at home.

A Quick Recap on Hydration & Moisture

So, what’s the deal with a challenge that focuses on delivering moisture and restoring hydration to the hair? Because:

“At the root of every hair problem is a lack of hydration” ~ Keneesha, Urbanbella

Whether we’re talking styles, texture, appearance, growth, or health, it all comes back to having well hydrated hair. And for clarity, hydration is the state of your hair while moisture is what you do to it. Managing the two is the key to getting your hair to optimal health.

Preparing for the Challenge

Hydration & Moisture Challenge-2At Urbanbella, we understand that “hair is very personal”. So before you begin your challenge, take some time to get familiar with your kinks and curls. Feel it, make note of how it reacts when you stretch it and twist it. Take inventory of the products you’ve been using and the routine you’ve kept up. Think about your daily maintenance and how often you find yourself saying things like “my hair is dry”. And finally, be prepared to gain a completely new understanding of your hair and what truly moisturized hair is like.

The truth is, many natural haired beauties aren’t using moisturizing products or following a moisturizing hair routine. Our challenge is designed to reintroduce you to natural haircare that hydrates with products that moisturize. When you change the way you have treated your hair, you’ll be able to experience true transformation.

“The crux of natural hair is moisture.” ~ Keneesha, Urbanbella

Gathering Your Products & Tools

We know you’re excited to get started but, before you begin our challenge, you’ll need the right products. Since the “explosion” of the natural hair movement, there have been countless products lines that have appeared almost overnight. While we all can appreciate a good selection, it has become difficult for us to spot what products will actually work for us and which are misleading us under alluring names and flash sales. It may be tempting to try each and every new product that your favorite natural hair guru recommends, however, don’t forget your products true goal: to moisturize your hair.

For the Urbanbella hydration and moisture challenge, we “challenge” people to commit to only using our products. From your cleansing, conditioner, and daily moisturizer, we want you to use Urbanbella line of hydration restoring products. The Urbanbella Deep Treatment Collection was created to help condition and repair hair that is lacking moisture and in need of deep hydration. You’ll start with our Non-Lather Cleanser to clean your scalp, get rid of build up, and unclog your pores with a gentle, moisturizing formula. Next, you’ll condition your hair with our Hydrating Conditioner which helps to detangle your hair and bring your coils to life. And you’ll end with our Organic Coconut Cream Treatment which helps to repair damaged hair and boost moisture by 3x. This treatment should be used with a steamer which is “the best decision you’ll make for your natural hair”. Each of these products work together to deliver a powerful dose of moisture to the hair helping it become hydrated and healthy.

Your Home Haircare Routine

Hydration & Moisture ChallengeOnce you have your Urbanbella products and steamer, it’s time to get down to the work. Your natural hair regimen. At Urbanbella we believe a good regimen comes down to:

  • Quality products – covered
  • Regular steaming  – “Steaming is something that needs to be done weekly” ~ Keneesha
  • A weekly wash routine – yes, weekly
  • Regular trims – essential

Our challenge pushes you to rethink how you viewed haircare before and debunk any myths. Yes, you should be washing your hair weekly because water is your natural hair’s best friend. Yes, you can use a true shampoo if you’re using a product that is moisturizing. No, steaming is not optional, it’s essential. And, trims are not your enemy, they are the key to maintaining hair growth.

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