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Refresh Your Curls
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How To Refresh Your Curls for Better Curl Definition

Picture this: You finally perfect your wash and go after so many test, trials, and researching Urbanbella for tips and helpful advice. Day 1 hair gets the job done, Day 2 is everything, by Day 3 all the definition you loved is starting to fade, and by Day 4 you feel like you need to start all over again! And considering you JUST mastered your wash and go and are days aways from wash day, the frustration sets in. Sound familiar? Probably because we’ve all been there.

Curl definition is one of the trickiest things to master when it comes to your natural hair. From getting that first definition after your big chop, to understanding what exactly your curl definition is, to keeping definition after wash day, as naturals, it always feels like we have one eye on the definition of our natural curls. The good news is, once your hair is in a good condition, curl definition gets easier and will ultimately last longer. And, there are ways that you can stretch your curls between wash days if they’re losing their hold a bit early.

Refreshing your curls is a technique that every natural should have in their back pocket. It’s a simple way to give your hair a fresh look when it’s looking lackluster and less polished than you’re used to. Refreshing your curls for better curl definition is also great for new naturals who are just getting acquainted with their new texture and their natural hair is in need of a lot of TLC. A quick refresh can help restore hydration, tame frizz, and bring tired curls back to life. The trick is knowing exactly when your hair will benefit from a refresh and what to do to get the job done quick. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered with three simple ways you can refresh and redefine your hair.

3 Ways to Refresh Your Curls

Refresh Your Curls1. Spray with Water & Clear Leave-in: One way to do a quick curl refresh on your natural hair is by applying a DIY mix of water and your favorite clear leave-in conditioner. All you have to do is spray your distressed curls with the mixture and smooth your hair in the same way you would if you were styling. We recommend keeping the spray about a ½ inch away from from the roots and applying a bit of gel like the Urbanbella No. 49 Cre’Gel at the ends to prevent frizz as your hair dries. Natural women who have a less volume and density will benefit the most from this method as it can pretty time consuming if your hair is too thick. Remember, a curl refresh is meant to be simple and quick so if you have thicker hair or need something a bit more intense, try one of our other methods to refresh your curls.Refresh Your Curls

2. Re-wet Your Hair in the Shower: We know this sounds wild but hear us out! Before you were natural you probably couldn’t imagine wetting your hair in the shower. We were all taught that water is a solid no, so showers came equipped with a shower cap in hand. For natural hair, all the rules have changed. Water is your natural curls best friend and if you find yourself in need of a serious refresh between wash days, wetting your hair in the shower is a method you should try. Now, when we say wet your hair, we don’t mean stand under the faucet and drench your hair. We mean quickly tilting your head under water just long enough to wet the ends without drenching the roots. This is perfect for natural women who have thick, kinky hair where a spray bottle just won’t cut it. Try this next time your curls are in need of some TLC and watch them spring back to life.

3. Use a Curl Refresher: If DIY sprays aren’t your thing and re-wetting your hair in the shower sounds like a bit much, a nice compromise is using a curl refresher. A good curl refresher is a product that will moisturize your hair and revive your curls without weighing it down. The key to a curl refresher is making sure you’re using a high quality product that has lots of nourishing and conditioning ingredients without unnecessary fillers like water and wax. The Urbanbella No. 97 Sunflower + Shea Hair Milk, for example, is packed with botanical oils and shea butter. These ingredients work together to hydrate your hair, redefine old curls, and add a layer of shine. Curl refreshers can be used on all types of natural hair and are great for when your pinched for time or traveling.

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