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How to Get More Curl Definition with Type 4C Hair

The Life and Times with 4C Hair…

This fro! @melissahibbertThe life with type  4C hair has its own unique journey.  Our path to finding great products, great stylist and great hair care routines can take a little longer and require careful scrutiny of advice from other non Type 4C Naturals. Most products are made with every other hair type in mind meaning the products are thinner in consistency and don’t offer any real curl definition. And when you find one that actually offers curl definition it only last for a few hours or at the most 1 day.  So, you continue the cycle of re-wetting your hair daily only to get mediocre curl definition at best. The quality of the hair gels and styling cream is important for all naturals but we feel that Type 4C Hair gets the least amount of attention in the natural hair world when it comes to products that really define curls.

Understanding Type 4C Hair

Natural hair Rules! - trials-n-tresses: @iconic_africana ...Type 4C Hair tends to have a smaller curl diameter, more kinky texture, lots of shrinkage and a variety of curl types on one head!  Most products that work well on Type 4C Natural Hair only provide moisture. This leaves you with Twist sets or Bantu knots as your only option for curl definition. The texture of 4C Hair requires better quality ingredients to smooth and define curls and give them hold so that style can last.   Curl clumping can be difficult for Type 4C naturals to achieve and this is one of the key goals in getting defined styles. This means a product has to offer more curl defining performance and many do not because they are too thin and too watery. In addition, most products are made with heavy waxes that are not soft enough to properly fit the grooves and curves of the Type 4C Hair strand.  This leads to having product build up or having the hair look as if it has a waxy coating on it and flake at the roots or the ends.   With Type 4C Hair you have to be able to use enough of a styling gel or cream to be effective yet not so much that you look like you have dandruff.

What should you look for in products to define Type 4C Hair?

Type 4C Hair needs products that are not watered down. Touch and feel your products before you buy them.  Does it feel like watery lotion? Then most likely you will not get long lasting curl definition.  You want a more slippery feel to your products that glides across your fingers.  A little bit of tackiness won’t hurt you and helps hold the style.  Products with a lot of water will not hold curl definition.  Quite simply the water will evaporate only leaving you with oil or wax and a light amount of gel.  This combination will not give definition to type 4C kinks and coils.  No matter how much you use,  you will still have a  frizzy fro and will have done all that work for nothing.

This has led to Urbanbella really focusing on offering more gels for Type 4C Naturals that define curls with easy styling such as the Wash and Go, styles that can last a week or more.  While most Type 4C Naturals can twist their hair with a variety of products a real test of product quality is being able to use it for a wash-and-go.

Our line of styling products in the Urbanbella Collections offers a variety of results based on your approach and your hair needs.

Urbanbella Products for Type 4C Hair

Our original styling gel the,  Urbanbella No.10 Stretch + Twist +Curl Cream is a cream based gel.  For type 4C Naturals we recommend using this one for protective styling or twist sets, roller/rod sets, and Bantu knot outs. This blend is popular with naturals who want the hold but still want a big full hair style.  4C Hair Urbanbella-The-Deluxe-Styling-Sampler-Set.jpg This is the most moisturizing styling product in the Urbanbella Collections which is great for Type 4C Naturals looking to improve their moisture level.  The Urbanbella line includes 2 other gels including the most popular item the Urbanbella No.49 Cre’Gel and the No.54 Stretch + Define Gel.  Both provide great shine and long-lasting styles.  Here are some client reviews to give you more insight into the performance of  Urbanbella Styling products.

Are you looking to get more curl definition in your type 4C products or need help choosing between the different Urbanbella Products?  Contact us here at Urbanbella by calling 404.255.5022 and we are happy to answer your question directly!


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