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How Much Sleep Do You Need?


We all lead busy lives and these days it seems like 24 hours just isn’t enough time to get much of anything done. Unfortunately, as we become busier and more stressed, we tend to get less sleep and rest. Sleep is a necessity. We cannot function without it. It is just as important as eating clean, healthy food on our plate and getting exercise. When we close our eyes at night, our bodies are resetting, detoxifying and rejuvenating itself in order to handle the demands of the next day ahead. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we can wind up in depression, gaining weight, dealing with added stress and even craving certain foods. The ideal amount we need is anywhere between 7 and 8 hours a day. Sometimes we can function on less but it’s not a good idea to make that a habit. The best way to gauge if you’re getting enough sleep is to see when your body wakes up without an alarm. This is the amount you need to stick with so your body can adjust accordingly and function optimally. Sleep tight!


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