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Hotel Room Hacks

So you’re heading to Charlestown South Carolina where you booked a beautiful room overlooking the bay. You’re ready for the local southern charm, fare and hospitality. We’ve got a few hotel room hacks to help make your stay seamless.

  1. Keep the Do Not Disturb sign hanging most of the day until you leave the room for an extended period of time and are ready for your room cleaned. This helps avoid the dreaded early morning knock at the door from housekeeping after a particularly fun evening enjoying the local bars or lounges.
  2. Bring travel candles. These help relax you after a long day of sightseeing and also can mask any unwanted odors such as smoke or food from previous guests.
  3. Use the sealed plastic cups over the glass cups as the sealed cups are hygienic and haven’t been used. The glass cups are usually not deep cleaned and are just rinsed in the bathroom sink and replaced.
  4. If you went for a dip in the pool and you don’t want to dump your damp swimsuit in your suitcase, just use the plastic bag in your ice bucket for any wet items so you don’t have to worry about them ruining your clothes and shoes.
  5. If you left some toiletries at home by mistake, no worries. Many hotels store extra toothbrushes, razors, dental floss, hair care and personal care products. Just call down to the front desk or housekeeping and they can handle your requests.

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