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Get Your Best Brows


Here are some tips to make take your brows to their best:

  1. Know your brow shape and hair texture. For example, a rounded shape works better for a square face, while a higher arch evens a rounder face.
  2. Clean with alcohol and thoroughly dry all instruments used on brows.
  3. When tweezing, focus on the stray hairs at the brow bone. This will help you maintain an even shape.
  4. Use a brow brush to brush brows upward. Trim excess hair with small flat nail scissors.
  5. Gently wipe tweezed brows with witch hazel. It is less stinging than alcohol but helps reduce redness or irritation.
  6. Avoid the “surprised” look – you know what we mean. Brows arched too high aren’t cute on anyone.
  7. To form the shape, line the bottom of the brow with a clean sharpened pencil. Gently use powder on an angle brush to fill in sparse areas.
  8. Don’t be heavy handed. Overuse of product will make brows look boxy and unnatural.
  9. Check out brow tutorials on from top makeup artists on Instagram and YouTube. Tatiana Ward at BeatFaceHoney is known for perfecting a natural look.

If you’re not comfortable with DIY brows, go to a professional.

  1. Waxing gets the best results at salon with good reviews who avoid excess heat. Let the aesthetician know if you use any products containing retinol as they will cause irritation. Over time, waxing may affect your skin’s elasticity and thin the hair.
  2. Threading is very uncomfortable but it is considerably safer and even more precise than waxing since there are no chemicals used. Choose a salon that provides experienced threaders who deliver good results on a variety of arch types and hair textures.

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