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Get Back on Track
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How to Get Back on Track

We’ve all been there. We have these big visions or dreams of the things we want to achieve or the goals we want to reach. We write them down, put them on our vision board, and share them with those closest to us. In the beginning, we’re excited. We can’t want to reach that income goals, lose those pounds, start a new business, or even grow our natural hair. We start off strong with tons of momentum, but when the excitement fades and life gets the best of us, we get off track. Before, we know it, we’ve fallen so behind we almost feel like giving up.

Sound familiar? Yea, us too.

Sure, it’s easier to give up when you find yourself in this position than it is to think about getting back on the horse and back to work. But, here’s a secret: it’s not the falling off or getting off track that is the real issue. We all get off track, fall behind, and get so unfocused that we think all is lost. It’s not being able to let it go and get back to work when you have that’s the problem.


Get back on trackChange your mindset – When you realize that you’ve been falling behind on achieving the things you say mean the most to you, the first thing you need to do is evaluate your mindset. Like self-care, many of us can show up in so many other areas of our lives until it comes to ourselves. Chances are, you’ve been approaching your goals as optional, a task to get done “when you have the time”, something that is last on your list—if it even makes it on there at all. Having this mindset will inevitably hinder you from making the true progress you need. Instead of making your goals an option, treat them like a priority. Put steps or action items on your schedule or in your calendar like you would anything else and get serious about the work that needs to be done to make some real progress.

Create realistic daily habits – One of the main reasons we fall of track when it comes to chasing the things that we want are because we don’t have systems in place to achieving them. Even the most focused people can understand that systems or habits can help take the decision making process out of the things you need to do to get to a certain point and make them second nature. Research shows that it takes 21 days to make something a habit so it’s time to get started. Think about the thing you’re working to achieve and set a daily habit that includes steps to get there. Want to write a book? Start with a daily habit of writing every morning before anyone else in your home wakes up.

Get Back on Track Find an accountability partner – For some of us, we do better when we know someone is watching us or will call us on our lack of progress. If that’s you and you find yourself falling behind, teaming up with someone to hold you accountable for your progress is a great idea. Many times the best accountability partner is someone who is similar to you and needs an accountability partner as well. Create weekly checkins where you discuss progress, obstacles while your partner helps to provide some solutions, feedback, and a little tough love where needed.

Focus on what you can do right now – You want to know one of the main reasons we fall off track? Because we get so consumed with all the things we can’t do. We feel like we don’t have enough time to make things just right or not enough resources to get our projects to the scale we envision. This kind of thinking can make us feel stuck and hinder us from focusing on the things we can actually achieve right now. Instead of spending valuable time and energy thinking about things you may not be able to achieve at the moment or the areas thats you lack, spend that time and energy doing the things that you can. Many small accomplishments will eventually lead to big results.

Give yourself deadlines – When it comes to our goals or the things we want to achieve, we’re not always as specific as we could be. While the intimate details may change and alter, what you should be very clear on is giving yourself deadlines. If you find that you’ve fell off the horse, give yourself a deadline to get caught up. Set smaller goals and tasks and give those deadlines. Make these realistic and achievable and continue to set new ones as you move along the progress of your project.

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