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Get a Healthier Manicure

If you’re pounding the keys of your computer as much as we are, a lasting manicure is a necessity. Sure, you can go polish-free and keep your nails shaped and buffed with smooth cuticles, but there is nothing like the look of fresh color.

We love brights. Especially for spring and summer. Everything from fruit punch coral to turquoise blue add flavor to your fingertips. The key is to keep them healthy.

  1.  Check the lighting. Make sure your salon uses LED instead of ultraviolet light. The UV rays have long been associated with premature aging skin and skin cancer.
  2. Check for healthier gels. The makers of gels have been late to the party in removing the formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients that were once a mainstay in traditional nail polish. Brands like Bio Seaweed Gel makes a solvent-free and formaldehyde-free formula.
  3. Give your nails a break. Literally. To keep them from breaking, don’t immediately get another gel application immediately after you have removed one. Take time to moisturize cuticles and soothe nail beds in between salon visits to prevent brittle dryness.

Keeping your nails firm and breakage-free is definitely a great look for the warm months to come.

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