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My First Skincare Upgrade…Yes I still Remember it!

I remember my first skin care experience.  It’s a great memory.  I was 12 years old and my mama took me to the Clinique Counter at Rich’s (yes that used to be a store). The sales lady completed a Clinique Consultation on my skin to determine which system would be best for me and I went home armed with my new soap, toner and moisturizer.  Man, did I feel special with my special soap and special lotion! I felt lady like, dainty and of course, I felt very fancy.   I am grateful to my mother for setting the self-care bar pretty high for me.  Going to the department store, being serviced by an expert, learning about my skin and of course paying a bit of a premium are habits I would never break.  I cannot remember for the life of me what that skin care regimen cost my mama but I cherished it and really loved pampering myself. It set me on a course of feeling like my skin and beauty routines were special and I should spend my money on good skincare.   Thank you Mama!!

Fast forward about 12 years to my early twenties and my second most memorable moment in learning to pamper myself was my first skin care upgrade to luxury products. I remember it like it was yesterday and it was over 15 years ago.  Me and one of my besties decided to spend our Saturday morning at a Nordstrom beauty show where after a 15-minute runway show of Nordstroms top fashion for the season and new makeup we received make-overs from the top makeup and skincare lines.

After the show, we joined a flock of women on the sales floor to go from counter to counter to see which looks we wanted for our personal arsenal.  It was this event where I jumped from my $25 face moisturizer to $100 Dr.Brandt moisturizer.  I think I actually felt afraid to pay that much, but the glow I got from the moisturizer trumped any fear I had.  This one simple upgrade was all it took for me to be forever hooked on pricey potions for my face.  Although sometimes I flinch over the prices of some items and start with samples, eventually I buy it. And I really don’t feel guilty when I see my mama using the same stuff! I just blame my good habits on her! But I am forever grateful for being raised to take good care of me.  Thank you again, mama, for setting the bar high!

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