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Feed Your Natural Hair Follicles From the Inside with Awesome Summer Foods

Summer BBQs are on. Your friends and family know how to put on a great spread. There will be some of everything: steaks, burgers, seafood, veggies, fruit, and oh so many desserts. You know you’ve got to be selective of the foods, you choose because, well, goals.  Natural hair and body.

While you’re swimming, soaking up the sun and taking care of your skin, we’ll tell you how to keep your natural hair at its best – by feeding your follicles from the inside.

Here are the best foods for well-nourished hair.

  1. Sweet potatoes. Beta carotene anyone? The nutrient found in orange colored fruits and veggies is great to help your skin stimulate the production of natural oils. Try them grilled or in a unique potato salad recipe.
  2. Olive oil. This is good inside or out. Whip it into a deep condition masque or use it with the spuds or other tasty veggies on the grill.
  3. Nuts. Go nuts! For sure, the tasty little treats are packed with biotin that help with hair growth. Try walnuts, cashews and pistachios.
  4. Spinach. Spinach is great. The iron and Vitamin D are hair-healthy nutrients. You can do just about anything with spinach from salads to smoothies. If you must cook it, very lightly steam or sauté to keep the vitamins intact.
  5. Salmon. Omega-3 anyone? This awesome nutrient helps you avoid inflammation which can lead to dry scalp and increase hair loss. The natural fatty oils promote healthy hair and skin.
  6. Greek yogurt. The thick nutritionally dense dairy is great for any meal – mix it with honey and almonds for breakfast. Or add caramelized onions and herbs for a tasty veggie dip. The vitamin B5 is good for blood flow. Great circulation to your scalp promotes hair growth.
  7. Chickpeas. These legumes are packed with vitamin B9, better known as folic acid. Folic acid is literally part of our DNA and it’s also important for fetal development in expectant moms. So feel free to go for that hummus as you eat your way to better curls.

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