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Culture Talk: Sisterhood – Empowerment Circles or Wolf Packs?

Women are naturally communal, social creatures. We love to talk and share and spend hours conversing with one another about all aspects of our lives. We lean on each other in times of need and support one another through the good, bad and the ugly. These wonderful groups of women in our lives our called empowerment circles and they are a sisterhood that we cherish. Having balanced, healthy friendships with women is definitely a gift and blessing. On the other end of the spectrum there are wolf packs. These are women who seemingly have your back but are more interested in seeing you fail and getting knee-deep in your business so they can have ammunition against you when things get heated. The question we are posing today is are you in an empowerment circle or a wolf pack?

Empowerment circles are groups of women who lift each other up, stand for each other’s greatness and step up to help one another. An empowered group of women don’t get into petty discussions behind each other’s backs or look for ways to bash or humiliate each other. Empowerment circles are honest when they see the need to speak up and they are also sensitive to one another’s issues and histories.

Wolf packs are groups of women who cling to each other for social needs. They tend to be women who don’t feel confident in being independent and living their own lives without someone having to co-sign or constantly give their approval. Wolf packs are groups of women who border on being frenemies – meaning they are friends on the surface but enemies deep down inside. These wolf packs are more treacherous than one can imagine. They are the women who will keep you single and have you second guessing your every move if you’re not careful.

When looking at your circle of friends, take an honest assessment about the women you talk to and socialize with on a regular basis. Are they supportive? Do they uplift you? Do they tell you the hard truth at times? Are they happy for your successes? Are they truly there when things are bad?

If your circle is more a wolf pack than an empowerment circle, you’re going to need to do some spring cleaning and seek to replace wolf pack friends with empowerment sisters. The energy of the company you keep is more impactful than you realize.

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