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Culture Talk: Side Hustle 101

In today’s ever changing economy, the idea of solely relying on one job and source of income to keep yourself afloat is truly dangerous. We have to be enterprising and entrepreneurial in order to navigate our global economy. We highly recommend that you either find a side hustle or learn to properly monetize your current side hustle. Here are some simple tips to help you step up your side hustle game. Trust us, your bank account will thank you!

Tip 1: Identifying a good side hustle can be tricky for those who are currently seeking the right opportunity. We advise that you find something that you are passionate about i.e. a hobby or skill that you have natural aptitude for but that can be monetized fairly easily. Photography, writing, cooking, counseling, tax preparation, fitness, planning etc…

Tip 2: Once you’ve identified your side hustle, set up a website so that you can market yourself. Many people feel more comfortable spending money on a service when the service provider appears professional. You can create a free website on various sites like and Foursquare.

Tip 3: Figure out how much your services are worth so that you price yourself comparably with others doing the same service. You don’t want to go too high but you definitely don’t want to price yourself super low as this would signal that you’re not experienced or that you don’t have confidence in your abilities.

Tip 4: Start marketing yourself with your current friends, family and associates. You will be surprised at how many potential customers or clients exist right in your inner circles and social media following.

Tip 5: Submit invoices every month so that you can keep record of payments coming in and maintain a professional approach to your business.

Tip 6: If you’re making a decent amount of money on the side, be sure to put a portion aside for taxes as you will be doing your side hustle as a contractor and contractors are responsible for paying their own taxes.

Get out there and expand your sources of income! You never know, your side hustle just may become your full-time!

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