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How to Create the Perfect Morning Routine

I think we can all agree that, the way you start your morning can set the tone of your whole day. Think about it. Those days that you’ve pressed the snooze button one too many times and find yourself running around the house trying to put things in order are usually the same days that you arrive to the office late, forget about that meeting you had scheduled, wind up missing a phone call because your left your phone at home and generally feel frazzled and thrown off the rest of the day. Now think about those mornings that have gone the opposite. The ones where you wake up on time, have an extra few minutes to do a little more to your hair and/or makeup, even have time to do something for you before you head into work. How did those days go? Better right?

Now what if you could take those feelings from your best mornings and recreate them every day? That’s where establishing a good morning routine comes into play.

Morning routines have become sort of trendy these days. There’s no shortage of articles and conversations telling you exactly what makes (or breaks) a morning routine and all the things the most successful people include in theirs. And while there are definitely some standard things to consider when it comes to creating a morning routine you’ll love, the key is really just creating one that works for you.

How to Create a Morning Routine for YOU

1 | Prepare the night before. You ever have those mornings where you feel overwhelmed the moment you open your eyes–sometimes even before? Becoming used to planning your day the night before can help with this tremendously. Try taking a few moments before you hit the sheets to go over what you need to accomplish the day before. Not only does this help you with prioritizing but it’s less decisions that you have to make in the morning. When you wake up, you already know what you need to get done so you can spend that energy elsewhere in your routine.

2 | Wake up on time. But, notice we didn’t give you a specific time to do so.  There are many experts that will tell you that 4:3 am is best and others that might standby 6:00am being the perfect time to get the day going. If you’re naturally a morning person, sure this might work for you, but night owls can affirm that this just isn’t going to work. Find your sweet spot by trying a few different wake up times and pay attention to the time you naturally wake up. You can have an extremely productive a routine waking up a bit later by paying attention to how much sleep and what hour feels good to you to get started.

3 | Find your ideal rhythm. Do you feel better when you wake and handle the biggest thing of your day first or do you need to do a few things to get you in a productive momentum? Too often, we follow what experts or other successful people do instead focusing on what works for us. The key to a good morning routine is finding your rhythm. If you’re a natural procrastinator, it may make sense to do something difficult first but if you have trouble thinking clearly in the morning, focus your attention on doing those tedious, yet necessary, tasks to get you going.

4  | Don’t forget to do something for you. Whether that’s getting a quick exercise in, reading your favorite newsletter or website, getting in a quick journaling session, or doing something related to a goal or dream you’re trying to move forward, make sure your morning routine includes something that will make you feel good. With the rest of your day devoted to work, family, home, and life, you’ll feel much better knowing that you’ve taken some time for you in the morning if you find your day has gotten away from you.

Remember, the goal of a good morning routine is to help YOU set the tone of YOUR day. Pay attention to what your intentions are and what you need to have a good day and create a realistic routine that works for you.

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