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Building a Tribe
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Building a Tribe that Raises Your Self-Esteem

Building a Tribe

There’s a popular quote floating around many entrepreneurship circles that honestly can be applied to any area of life. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. So when it comes to the discussion of self-esteem, simply being around positive, confident, and empowering people can help tremendously. So let talk about tribe building and how it can change your life.

This idea sounds simple enough, to have a circle of inspiring women around you, but oftentimes it can be difficult meeting new friends and establishing new relationships as adults. So how do we build or join tribes that will help motivate us and stimulate us to feel better about ourselves and lives? By being intentional and getting uncomfortable. Here are a few ways to expand or change your social circle so you can become the woman you want to be.

5 Ways to Build Your Tribe

  1. Start where you are. Before you run out and try to find all brand new friends, take some time to assess the circle (or circles) of friends you already have. Get to know a few of them who you’re particularly interested in a bit better. And don’t stop there. If there’s a friend of a friend who you’ve had some great interactions with, reach out for drinks or coffee to learn more about each other. Many times, the best people for your tribe are already close to you. You just have to lookBuilding a tribe .
  2. Show up. This is a pretty straightforward tip but it works. When you show up for people that you are inspired by or you would like developing a closer relationship with, it helps to not only grow your friendship but will often put you in the room with other like-minded people. If there’s no one in particular that comes to mind seek out the events in your city that appeal to you and go. It may feel uncomfortable at times, putting yourself out there in new spaces but you will have the opportunity to meet new people and begin to establish a social circle completely designed by you.
  3. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Typically positive, confident people will have positive, confident friends. If you find a person that helps you view yourself differently and inspires you to take control of your life, chances are she has a friend that does the same for her. Invite your new friends to invite their friends the next time you meet up.
  4. Build with purpose. As you begin to meet new people and expand your circle, it’s easy to get caught up in old routines. Make sure you’re building a tribe with purpose. These women should exemplify the qualities and confidence that you are hoping to master. You should be able to look towards them for inspiration when you’re feeling down or be able to talk through your struggles as they can relate and have overcome them. It’s always a good practice to evaluate your growing circle and make sure it’s one that you are excited and inspired by.Building a Tribe
  5. Be the friend you want to have. Building a tribe is never a one-sided relationship. People who are uplifting and inspiring need that same support in return. Put your newfound self-esteem and confidence into practice by supporting those in your social circles. Compliment them, recognize them when achieved something they’ve been working on, give the confidence you aspire to have to others.

When you get intentional building a tribe that can help you become the woman you desire to be, you will definitely find them. And don’t get discouraged if things are moving slower than you’d hoped. Keep connecting, keep putting yourself out there, and keep being the best self you can be. Your tribe will come.

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