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Wellness to Work
Wellness Wellness

How to Bring Wellness to Work

The topic of wellness has become the norm in conversations everywhere. From how you’re decorating your personal space, to discussions over mimosas with your closest friends, to articles across the internet. It’s about time seeing as though, women, and in particular black women, have had a long battle with taking care of ourselves and being well. But, as popular and mainstream as the wellness discussion has become, one place we still seem to shy away from is wellness at work.

When most of are spending the majority of our weeks at work or working, it’s interesting to find we don’t focus much on the concept of wellness at work. If you’ve never considered bringing  wellness to work, it’s time to think about a few ways you can begin to incorporate it. How can you make your experiences in corporate, managing a team, at your small business, or even on contract assignment work better for you?

Create Before Work & After Work Routines

When it comes to anything in life that you have to do a consistent basis, routines can help you be more productive and make the best use of your time. That can look like a morning routine that allows you start your day at ease or a natural hair routine that gets the job done so you can move on to things you enjoy. For wellness at work, establishing before and after work routines can be really calming and help you with making clear transitions between work life and personal life. For your before work routine make sure you do something for you and take some time to prepare for the day. Feeling rushed and pressured is definite way to make your day more stressful than it needs to be. Arrive a bit early and plan out your day for productivity.

After work routines aren’t discussed much but they are just as important. Especially for women who tend to “take the job” with them even when they’re technically off the clock. After your work day is over, spend a few minutes prepping for the day before, send that email you know will nag you all night if you don’t, and log off. The point is making a clear end to your workday can help reduce stress and anxiousness that can sometimes accompany us when we’re trying to balance a number of things.

Adorn Your Work Space

By now we understand how important it is to make our personal spaces feel good. So, when you think about the place where you work, it makes sense to infuse some of those ideas. It doesn’t matter whether you have the fancy corner office, a cubicle to call your own, or are working in the corner of your dining room, it only takes a few things to make a work area that motivates you to get things done. Try framing a few motivational quotes to look towards on days that are particularly rough, add a calming candle to soothe you when things get stressful, or place a few well placed fresh flowers or plants to give your area a little life. Simple things can change the mood of your work space and have you feeling better about your day and what you need to do.

Get Physical

If you don’t have a job or career that has you on the move all day, chances are you’re spending the majority of your desk behind a desk on a computer. Anyone who has worked this way long enough can tell you that this can cause back pain, neck pain, and simply a lack of exercise on a daily basis. Even if you work in a more traditional environment, don’t let that hinder you from getting physical every chance you get. Take a few walks around your complex or office throughout the day or invest in a standing desk if that’s an option for you. Little changes done consistently can go a long way in your physical wellness at work.

Make the Best Use of Your Lunch Break

So many us go one of two ways on our lunch breaks. We’re either the one who eats at her desk to keep working or one who’s making kids appointments, working on her side business, or doing any number of things to get ahead. But one way to bring wellness to work, especially if you have a more traditional or strict workplace, is to be really intentional with your lunch break. Take this time to take a walk and stretch your muscles. If you have enough time, hit the office or local gym for a quick workout or yoga session. You can even take the time to catch up on a book or meditate for a few minutes. Whatever you do, make sure you’re getting up from your desk and away from your office to give yourself some breathing room and time to reset.


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