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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Even though we love getting cozy by the fire during the winter, the brutally cold temperatures and dry air can wreak havoc on our skin. Hydration becomes key during this time of the year which is
why we highly recommend stepping up your moisture game with these simple steps:

1. Invest in a humidifier. Keeping the air moist in your home will ensure less dry, cracked, inflamed skin throughout the winter season. A good humidifier can lasts for years so be prepared to spend a little for a high quality brand.

2.Ditch your water-based moisturizers and stock up on oil-based lotions/creams/body butters. Oil-based moisturizers seal in the hydration and repair dry, damaged with ease.

3. Steam things up. Those hot baths and showers you love are a great way to help banish the dry skin blues. The trick is to slather on your favorite oil based body butter or cream before you fully towel off. This helps lock and seal the moisture leaving skin incredibly smooth and supple.

Remember, taking care of your skin this winter means you’ll be sundress and sandal ready come spring.

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