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7 Self Care Ideas for Coping with Stress


Stress is an inevitable aspect of modern life. Women are particularly vulnerable as they often serve dual roles as breadwinners and caregivers.  Too often, we burn the candle at both ends. Social expectations to be the perfect mom, perfect professional and perfect relationship partner all at once are burning us out. We know that self-care is critical. Managing stress is a true lifesaver. It will add years to your life and life to your years.

Calgon take me away!

There is a reason why Calgon commercials are one of the most memorable and widely referenced ad series in pop culture. If you don’t remember, it’s just a YouTube search away. It’s The warm bath epitomizes relaxation, so it’s no wonder that the “Calgon moment” is a metaphor for de-stressing. Bath time is important, but it is also necessary to take the time to regroup throughout your day.

Here are seven tips to manage stress every day:

  • Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts and ideas is very cathartic. It also helps you identify stressors. Do you feel particularly stressed after dealing with specific people like your manager at work? Your ex? Even family can work your last nerve. Journaling helps you think of ways to manage and the best part is that it is for your eyes only.
  • Create a home spa. Select gently scented aromatherapy candles, soft music or an uplifting audiobook to help you reach balance and calm after a difficult day.
  • Aim for midday walks. Studies show that a sedentary lifestyle is the new smoking. Diabetes, high blood pressure and even depression are among the risks. So for goodness’ sake, get out and walk. Increasing your steps is good for your body and mind.
  • Warm affirmations. Find self-care affirmations related to your faith, wellness and goals. Say them in the mirror upon waking and throughout the day when you need an emotional boost.
  • Keep a routine. Being consistent is calming. Whether you need a warm shower or bath before bed, a motivational message, or jammin’ playlist on the way to work, or your favorite tea, having a part of your daily routine helps you stay sane.
  • Stay positive. Sure some problems are inescapable, but negative thinking never helps. More often than not, the things we fear never come to fruition. So why do we let negative thoughts live rent-free in our minds? Go back your positive affirmations, breathe, and visualize the best possible outcomes for each challenging life scenario.
  • Find time for your passion. Life cannot be all work and no play. Find a hobby or activity that gives you joy. Whether it’s art, writing, cooking, or fitness, incorporate it into your life at least weekly. Creative expression is healing for many people.


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