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Thrive This Fall
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7 Ways to Thrive This Fall

Fall has finally arrived. The leaves are falling, the air is getting cooler, pumpkin spice is finding its way in your coffee cup and in your favorite candle, and shopping for sweater and boot season is in full effect. But, for as much as we love this season of harvest, the hustle and bustle of life, shorter days, and upcoming holidays can leave us feeling rushed and unbalanced if we’re not being intentional. Take some time to slow down this fall and focus on enjoying the present moment before life gets too hectic with the holidays. Here are a few ways you can thrive this fall.

1 | Get outside – Take advantage of the gorgeous scenery available in abundance this season and get outside. The weather is just cool enough to spend some time exploring but not too cool that you’ll be itching to get back indoors. Whether you like to do something a little grown up like taking a wine tour or heading to pick apples with the family, make sure you soak up all the time outside you can. When winter arrives and the days get shorter and grayer, you’ll be happy you took full advantage of this time.

2 | Experiment in the kitchen – Fall is the season of comfort food. Think savory soups, sweet baked goods, and soul food in abundance. This is the perfect time to grab those cookbooks you’ve been eyeing and try a few new fall inspired recipes. Take advantage of in season fruits to try your hand at baking or get familiar with a new recipe to perfect before the holidays .

3 | Embrace your creativity – In the warmer months we were all about the carefree lifestyle. Rest and relaxation are the only things on our agendas. In the fall season, while very much a time to slow down is a time to explore your own personal creativity. Whether that’s going all out to spruce up your personal space with autumn decor, trying out a few DIY projects that have been on your mind, or even taking up a creative project you’ve been thinking about all summer.

4 | Upgrade your wardrobe – Let’s be honest, while we are here for all the deep, reflective activities of fall, let’s not pretend fall fashion isn’t just as high up there on the list. While you’re spending time outside enjoying the weather, don’t forget to take a trip to your favorite store and add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. For some of us, that’s a new handbag and for others it’s a pair of cute boots. Whatever it is, don’t feel bad about treating yourself to a few new items this season.

5 | Plan a weekend trip – The summer is known for those week long vacations to exotic places but the fall is a perfect time to travel as well. With work and family life, you probably can’t escape for a whole week, but take advantage of the weekend and take a short trip to a neighboring city or even plan a weekend staycation where you live. Choose somewhere mellow and laidback where you can enjoy some quiet, good food, and maybe even a little spa time to help you reset.

6 | Take a new workout class – The last thing you’re probably thinking about right now is exercising but finding something you like right now, can help you set a good tone through the winter and the new year. The weather is perfect for heading outdoors to workout and it’s also typical for many workout classes to begin their fall season. Find something you’re interested or be bold and try something new!

7 | Take inventory – Follow the lead of the fall season and take some time this season to reflect, evaluate, and let go where needed. This season is known for leaves falling and plants turning inward and it’s the perfect time for you to do the same. Spend some time journaling, meditating, clearing your personal space, and taking inventory of your life and your goals.

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