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Short Natural Hair

6 Secrets Revealed to Managing Short Natural Hair

You’ve researched, you’ve changed your mind, you’ve talked to your friends and you’ve finally made up your mind. You’re going to do the big chop. Welcome! The big chop is one of the most exciting–and sometimes one of the most intimidating–moments in our natural hair journeys. In a matter of seconds we go from a head full of hair that we’ve been “managing” for years, to a short kinky afro with no idea of what to do next. Even before you take the plunge and do the big chop, you already know things are going to be different, but once you’re there, it can feel like a whole new world.

Here’s the truth: Managing your short natural hair is different and not something most of us are used to. That’s okay but, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. With the right tools, techniques, and processes, you’ll eventually learn to manage your short natural hair just as you have your longer hair in the past. So much so, that you might just decide to keep it that way. Before we get ahead of ourselves though, we have some tips to help you make your transition to short natural hair as easy as possible. From what to expect to what to do, here are six things to know:

6 Secrets Revealed to Manage Your Short Natural Hair

  1. Get inspired. The first thing you want to do, even before you head to your stylist for your big chop is to get inspired. Take some time to create a Pinterest board of women with short kinky hair cuts. Scroll Instagram hashtags and take a look at how other women style their short natural hair styles. You want to start getting an idea about how versatile natural hair can be, even right after a big chop. The key here though, is to get inspired. You want go into your big chop with an open mind and an understanding that all big chops are not the same. You’ll soon find out that your natural hair has a mind of its own and being flexible enough to go where it takes you is important.
  2. Get a cut that compliments you. We cannot stress this point enough. When it comes to getting your big chop, our face shape, your hair texture, and your personal preferences all play a role in the kind of chop will look best on you. Typically a stylist will either go for the standard round cut or sometimes you may want to just cut it all down to your natural texture and go from there. Your inspiration boards can help you and your stylist get an idea of the kind of cut that you’ll feel most comfortable with. The most important thing is you want to get a feminine cut that suits your face.
  3. Be patient. By the time you take that big step to cut your hair, you’ll probably be ready to jump right into styling. But, it can take some time to get your natural hair to a point where you can achieve styles like a wash and go with ease. Wash and go’s are a natural woman go to hairstyle, but they work best when the hair is in its best condition. This means properly hydrated. Moisture is essential both in the months before your big chop and immediately after. Without moisture and hydration, your hair journey both with short and long natural hair will be difficult. Save yourself the trouble and jump on moisture quick. And remember, to be patient while your natural hair begins to transform. In the meantime, finger coiling is a great way to help enhance the definition of your wash and go. Over time, you’ll do this less often.
  4. Create a good natural hair routine. While you may have had a standard hair routine before your big chop, with your short natural hair, habits like cleansing and conditioning with ultra-hydrating products can be the difference between hair that flourishes and hair that’s brittle and dry. The Urbanbella Condition and Repair Kit is a great way to help define and soften your curls. And making sure to deep condition weekly with steam hydrating will help your hair retain moisture. A routine like this weekly can help get your short natural hair to its best condition in about three to six months.
  5. Use the Right Products. No short natural hair routine is complete without a good product line up. Quality products are essential at any stage in your natural hair journey, but especially in the beginning. You want to use products that help restore hydration to your hair, retain moisture, combat frizz, and enhance curl definition. This means using good conditioning masks, moisturizers, and gels. Urbanbella has a line of products created specifically for natural hair to meet each of these needs. Both the Urbanbella No. 9 Hair Shine Butter and the Urbanbella No. 23 Hydrating Moisturizing Cream moisturizers work to hydrate the hair for days instead of wearing off after just a few hours. Our No. 14 Coconut Cream Repair Mask is a newly naturals best friend working to minimize frizz and repair damage. And to assist you with curl definition, we have a few different gels to try that work for all naturals including kinky 4C natural hair.
  6. Have fun. So we know we talk a lot about how to care, manage, and style your hair, but we don’t often talk about the feelings and emotions involved with such a major change. In the early days of your short natural hair, you may find yourself dealing with trying to feel good about your hair, your styles, and how society will view you. Remember, even before natural hair became so popular, women like Halle Berry were showing us that short hair is feminine and fierce. Your short natural hair is no different. Take this time to learn, have fun with styles, and really get creative with your natural hair. These days are definitely ones to cherish and you’ll be glad you took the time to enjoy them when your hair starts to grow out.

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  • Is it better to air dry or sit under a dryer when using curling creams or gels?

    • Hi Donna –
      Both are excellent techniques but the answer really depends on your goals. If you are looking for a shiny polished finished that lasts at least a week then you want to dry under a hard top hood dryer. If you are looking to maximize moisture then we recommend air drying. Let us know if that helps!

  • My question does not relate to this blog but is concerning another blog entry you did a few weeks back. I think you mentioned an appointment with your personal stylist. How does one get a personal stylist? How does one get a personal stylist who has an affinity for their client”s preferred look? What qualifications does one look for in a personal stylist? I really have never even seen an advertisement for a personal stylist. I have tried a personal shopper at Nordstrom. That”s just a fail. I have tried one at Saks and that was a little better but not much. I am curious. I like your new and newer haircuts. diploma online


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