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4 Secrets to Getting Your Hair Wash-and-Go Ready for Spring Travel

It’s officially spring! Congrats on making it through winter. We’re now in the season of bloom, warm weather, sun dresses, and travel. There’s something about this season that has us ready to come out of our shells and enjoy all the goodness and warmth the world has to offer us. As the colors are changing and the weather is heating up, we’re busy updating wardrobes, swapping your winter makeup for the bright colors of spring, and thinking of all the new hair styles we’ll be rocking during the new season.

We know you’ve been keeping up with your hair routine, making sure it’s hydrated, moisturized, and looking its best. Just like we know as you’re gearing up to treat yourself to a little time off and take a trip or two, you want to keep up that momentum. For black women, we all have been there where our go-to travel hair style are some cute braids that we get put in, but who else has ever wished they rock their kinky wash-and-go while they’re jet-setting?

Don’t trap yourself into the protective cycle this season. We’re sharing four secrets with you so you can wear your wash-and-go wherever the warm weather takes you this spring!

4 Secrets for Travel Ready Wash-And-Go Natural Hair

  1. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. We talk about hydration a lot , and by now, we’re sure you are a hydration and moisture expert. When it comes to getting your hair ready for spring travel, it’s essential that you keep up your hydrating natural hair routines. For most of us, it’s easy to stay on track in the winter when the dry, cold air is drying out our hair faster than we can keep up, but in the spring when the air becomes warmer and more humid, it’s easy to get a bit relaxed. If you want to make sure your wash-and-go’s look just as amazing on your trip this spring break as they did this past winter, you want to maintain your natural hair routine and maybe even give it a little boost. With hydration, repetition and consistency is key and because natural hair needs more moisture than we think, if you haven’t been on a weekly wash day schedule, now’s the time to start! Washing and deep conditioning your hair weekly is the best way to ensure you’re building enough moisture over time.
  2. Upgrade your styling products. Because not all styling products are created equal. It’s hard trying to decipher through the endless products with catchy names and buy one get one deals, but if you really want hair that is wash-and-go ready for spring travel, cheap products just aren’t going to cut it. They are full water and wax and won’t do much for your natural hair. So, how do you know how your products measure up? Think about the last time you did a wash-and-go on your hair. If it didn’t last at least four days, it’s time to invest in some new products. The Urbanbella Wash-and-Go Trio is a great place to start for quality products that have just the right balance of water, gel, and conditioning. It includes a moisturizing non-lather cleanser, hydrating conditioner, and a styler to help your natural curls pop.
  3. Get a trim. How many of us can relate to holding on to things for longer than we should? We have all been there. It’s no different when it comes to your hair. Winter is gone and the damage it may have caused on your hair can go with it! Those damaged ends that are straight and broken off need to go in order for your natural hair to truly flourish. For some that might mean a light trim and for others we may be talking about a full blown hair cut. And don’t worry, if you’re feeling uncomfortable about the length change, short natural hair is in! Hop on Pinterest and get some style inspiration for your spring trip while you send those dead ends to their final resting place. Your hair will thank you while you’re sipping margaritas and looking fabulous.
  4. Start a protein treatment. But first, and we hate to say it but: put down the Aphogee and walk away. Whew, glad we got that out of the way. Whenever the protein discussion comes up inevitably so does this. But, what we want to stress is that, this kind of protein treatment is seriously drying to the hair and is really designed for emergency use. And if you’re having an emergency of that caliber, meaning your hair is currently coming out at the root, you should be making an appointment with your stylist to help get your hair back on track. When we talk about starting a protein treatment to get your hair travel ready, we mean using a reparative mask like the the No.14 Organic Coconut Cream Repair Mask. This kind of treatment can help restore your hair to its soft and shiny appearance. If you haven’t done a protein treatment this year, now’s the time do so. Follow up with another in April to give your hair the extra protein boost it needs. As we head towards the later months of spring into summer, be sure to check in with Urbanbella about our SanMinos Amino Acids Treatment for an intense treatment to maintain shine and manageability.

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  • Any steamer recommendations. I bought one and it worked for about 1 month

    • Hi Delores-
      We use a few here at Urbanbella. The one that “>you can purchase is linked here. We use them on customers in the salon and have had great success with them and we really put them through the ringer here since we use them about 50 times a week. Let us know if you have any other questions!


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