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Leaving in 2017
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7 Things We’re Leaving in 2017

We’re winding down to those last few days of the year and we think it’s safe to say that 2017 won’t be missed. As you spend the next few days preparing and planning for the year ahead, we wanted to gently remind you of a few things that you absolutely should leave here in the year of 2017. Let it go and head into 2018 feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world. Are you ready?

7 Things To Leave in 2017

1. Youtube Tutorials from people who don’t have your hair type or porosity.

We talked about the difference between hair type and porosity at length this year. If there is one thing we made sure that we made clear it’s that, your hair type has less to do with how your hair will act and respond to styles, products, and processes than your hair’s porosity. Which leads us to the infamous youtube tutorial. We love them, truly we do, and we love the fact that so many black women are sharing their personal journeys and stories about what works for them when it comes to their natural hair. But how many of us can relate to watching those glorious videos of the perfect twist out or wash and go, just to be disappointed that we aren’t able to achieve those same results? It’s time to step away from the laptop, tablet, or cell phone and start to get to know YOUR hair. When you learn your hair type, its porosity, even its density, you’ll begin to understand exactly what you need to do to perfect those styles that will work for your hair. Youtube will be there when you’re ready.

2. Saying yes when we really mean no.

Another topic we spent a lot of time discussing this year was how to say no. Or as Oprah would put it, understanding that “no is a complete sentence”. We’re taking a stand and putting our foot down right here, to leave those reluctant yes’s in 2017. If something isn’t planned, is invading your personal time, interrupting a family obligation or, you simply just don’t want to do it, we’re embracing the power of saying no in 2018. And remember, saying no leaves room for you to say yes to the things that really matter to you.

3. Cheap hair products.

If there is one thing that drives us crazy when it comes to natural hair (besides the lack of moisture that we chronically deal with) it’s how the industry has become inundated with countless natural hair products that simply aren’t created equal. With a new brand popping up daily with a fancy new name, shiny label, and BOGO deal you can’t resist, so many natural haired women aren’t using products that will actually treat their hair with the tender, love, and care  it needs. Leave the cheap hair products in 2017 and make the switch to quality products that put REAL ingredients first and have the ability to improve the health and appearance of your hair.

4. Neglecting self-care.

If we talk about what we were thankful for in 2017, it was the growing conversation about self-care. As a community that frequently puts ourselves last on the list (if we make it on there at all) having a transparent discussion about what it means to take care of ourselves was well overdue. The good news is, there is an abundance of information out there that can help you incorporate self-care into your life on a daily basis. From little luxuries to changing your space, we’re leaving bad self-care habits here and putting ourselves first (or as close to it as possible) in 2018.

5. Finger detangling.

Yes, we went there. At this point in the natural hair game with all of the tools available to us, there is no reason you need to spend precious moments finger detangling your hair. If you’re having trouble letting this one go in 2018 we have a full tutorial on exactly how we detangle 4C hair. Save your time and your patience in the new year and leave finger detangling where it belongs!

6. People who drain us.

If you spend any time on social media these next couple of days, chances are you’ll find multiple people talking about finding new friends, closing their circle, or some variation of this concept heading into the new year. This is such a valid mindset to take with you into the new year in beyond. When it comes to your tribe, you want to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who will uplift you, push you to go further, support you, and give you some tough love when you need it the most. Anything less can stay in 2017 with anything else that has drained us.

7. Thinking you can’t do wash and go’s.

This year it was our personal mission to let women across the natural hair spectrum know that you, yes YOU can do a wash and go on your natural hair. From sharing just the right products to use (cream or gel?) to showing you exactly how we do wash and go’s on our clients and our own hair, we’re leaving that myth in 2017 once and for all.

What are you leaving in 2017? Anything we missed? Let us know!

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  • Love it, Keneesha, especially #1! Looking forward to 2018!

    • Thank you Kenya!


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