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Curl Definition
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3 Things That Are Killing Your Curl Definition

Curl definition. One of the first things new naturals get excited about on their hair journey, and also one of the first obstacles they face. After taking the plunge to big chop or patiently–and sometimes not so patiently–making it through a transition excited to finally see their natural curl pattern, it’s unusual to be met with confusion and frustration when it comes to curl definition.

Here’s the thing, many new natural women aren’t exactly sure what to expect when it comes to their natural hair pattern. After years of chemical processing, heating, and straightening, your hair is a completely new discovery that will take time to learn. Add in the expectations many women have after searching Pinterest and Instagram hashtags of natural hair and you have a tricky combination on your hands: trying to learn your natural hair while understanding what curl definition will look like for YOU.

Curl patterns vary widely throughout the natural hair spectrum. The size, uniformity, and shape of curls will change from woman to woman. But regardless, each and every one of us has a curl pattern that can be nourished and defined if we know what to do. If you’re having some trouble defining your curls, don’t be discouraged. There may be some things you can change in your routine to get your natural curls to become and stay defined.

Here are three things that may be killing your curl definition and what to do about them:

  1. Curl definition Cheap Products. The key to well defined and hydrated curls are your products. Products that are packed full of moisturizing and conditioning ingredients will help to hydrate and define your curls, while helping to hold them them in place. Quality products will make this process easy and allow your hair to flourish, however, cheap products simply won’t get the job done. Cheap natural hair products tend to be watered down, less hydrating, and don’t help with hold. If you want natural curls that are defined you must be sure to use products like the Urbanbella No.7 Non Lather Cleanser to reduce frizz, the No. 4 Hydrating Conditioner to really penetrate the hair and offer maximum hydration, and one of our gels to define, hold, and moisturize your natural curls.
  2. Curl DefinitionDamaged Ends. Who here can relate to holding onto something longer than we should? And who knows how much more stress that causes than if we would have just let it go when we first noticed it. That same concept can apply to your hair, specifically, those dry damaged ends. Damaged hair can seriously compromise your curl pattern. When your hair strands are smooth and clean, not only is your hair easier to style but it will hold a style longer. Getting rid of damaged ends also gives your natural hair a more polished finished as opposed to the excessive frizz that comes along with damage. But before you jump to pick up the closest pair of scissors next to you, make an appointment with your stylist. Having your ends trimmed by a professional with sharpened scissors is essential for a clean cut and ends that will not wind up splitting later.
  3. Curl DefinitionDry Natural Hair. We can’t stress enough the importance of hydration and moisture on your natural hair. It doesn’t matter what you do, if your hair is dry, you simply won’t be able to maintain any kind of curl definition. So many women suffer from hair issues that can be easily remedied by restoring hydration. Hair that is moisturized is easier to manage, feels healthier, curls are more defined, and styles last longer. Dry, dehydrated will have problems in all of these areas including other issues that come along with dry hair like breakage and frizz. If you’re having difficulty with defining your natural curls, start with restoring hydration. A good hair routine is a great way to this. Wash your hair weekly with a deep moisturizing conditioner like the Urbanbella No.14 Organic Coconut Cream Repair Mask. You’ll also want to incorporate steam cleaning into you weekly routine to help your deep conditioner penetrate your hair strands allowing it to receive maximum hydration.

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